When calling 911, DO NOT HANG UP, even if you call in error. You will be called back.
If you hang up and re-dial your call goes to the back of the line.
When your call comes into the Center it automatically goes to the next available call taker. 
They do not have a switch, the connection is automatic.
After 12 seconds on hold, you will hear a recording not to hang up. AGAIN, STAY ON THE LINE AND DO NOT HANG UP.
  • The call taker will ask for your phone number, address, name, and nature of the emergency.
  • Always try to REMAIN CALM and listen to the call taker. They are there to help.
  • Even if the questions seem senseless, remember that the call taker is there to help.
  • Stay on the line until the 911 call taker advises you they have all the information they need.
  • After the completion of the call, it’s transferred to the dispatcher who assigns the call to an APD (police) or AFD (fire) unit ASAP.
All 911 landline calls will show the billing address on the call taker's screen.
The call taker will still ask for your address.
Cell phone calls will only show the phone number.
Cell phone calls transmit to the nearest cell tower.
If the tower is on the border of a city or county, your call may not hit the needed 911 Center
When the center receives the call and it’s not the correct center, your call will be transferred to the center you need. It’s a one-button transfer so stay on the line.