Filming in Peachtree Battle Alliance

Filming in PBA
As Georgia, in general, and Atlanta, in particular, have become increasingly popular locations for the production of commercial videos, television, and movies, our neighborhood has hosted a variety of these production projects. We continue to welcome location scouts and production crews to film along our beautiful tree-lined streets. Please contact us using the form below to let us know what we can do to accommodate your work. We ask that any film crew, production company, or location scout acknowledge our five basic guidelines for filming.

Guidelines for Filming in Peachtree Battle Alliance

  1. Please provide or have the locations representative provide the Peachtree Battle Alliance with one copy of: (a) the appropriate certifications from the City of Atlanta’s Office of Film & Entertainment; and (b) the written consent of each immediate neighbor. 

  2. Help us keep our neighborhood beautiful and welcoming by donating to the Peachtree Battle Alliance neighborhood association. Suggested donations are a minimum of Two Thousand Five Dollars ($2500.00) for multiday filming or One Thousand Dollars ($1000.00) per single day of filming in the neighborhood. Payment should be made to Peachtree Battle Alliance. Contact the Film Committee via the link below to arrange payment delivery.

  3. Please refrain from (a) excessive noise, public nudity, noxious smells, explosives, pyrotechnics, or live ammunition; and (b) obstructing any neighbor’s entrance, driveway, or mailbox without such neighbor’s prior written consent.

  4. Maintain a visibly clean and physically safe work area including collecting and removing any trash from the production area.

  5. Please limit the number of cars to be parked on the street and utilize only one side of the street for parking to allow local traffic through.

For Homeowners

As with any activity in the neighborhood, be it construction, hosting a large event in your home, or filming, be considerate of your neighbors. If you are hosting a production on your property, please direct the appropriate location contact person(s) to the form below.
For more information regarding the City of Atlanta filming guidelines, visit the Office of Film & Entertainment on
Inquire About Filming in PBA
PBA's Filming Committee includes Dan Diffley, Mary Kelly Speed, Lisa Britt, Amy Githens, Suzanne Jones and Kendra Adams.
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