PBA Security is chaired by Wendel Greider, and committee members include Justin Amick, Ann Estes, David Moeller and Alex Oliver. The committee's primary function is to monitor and increase awareness of overall neighborhood security.

PBA Security Information is available to active members. (login required)
Please contact the security committee with questions.

PBA Security Committee responsibilities are (1) to oversee the PBA Security Patrol; (2) to apprise our members of criminal activity in the neighborhood; (3) to educate our members about crime prevention and personal safety techniques; (4) to work with the Atlanta Police Department Zone 2 police officers on crime prevention in our neighborhood; and (5) to coordinate our neighborhood security efforts with those of nearby neighborhoods.

The PBA Security Patrol, headed by Sgt. Jeff Baxter, provides patrol coverage for daily shifts in 5-hour increments. The timing of the patrols varies from day to day depending on criminal activity patterns and other factors. Sgt. Baxter can adjust the patrols quickly in response to criminal activity, neighborhood events and the like. We increase the frequency of patrols around Super Bowl weekend and during the Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day holidays. The Security Committee is in constant contact with Sgt. Baxter about the patrol schedule, and is authorized to add additional patrols if necessary. 
An additional service of the PBA Security Patrol is to provide daily checks of your home when you are out of town.  To access the PBA security patrol phone numbers, please visit the Security section of our website.  
Please note, security phone numbers can be accessed and used by current members only. If you live in the neighborhood and would like to use this valuable system, please join PBA.