NOVEMBER 14, 2019 
7:00 pm  Northside United Methodist Church, Chapel
7:04 pm  Sadler Poe opens meeting
Jim Elgar from J.P. Matzigkeit's office gave an update on Public Safety. Major Barry Shaw from Zone 2 is retiring.  There has been a pay increase for APD that has allowed for very strong growth in hiring officers.  APD is rehiring officers who left and went to surrounding areas because of low pay.  Pay is now moving in the right direction, so that Atlanta can be competitive with other cities.  Sadler shared that PBA has great cooperation with J.P., Jim and staff. 
Yancey McCollum has been Chair of PBA Security for 6 years and her term ends this evening.  Wendel Greider will be succeeding her.  Yancey introduces Sergeant Paul Bryant who is one of our PBA patrol officers.  Officer Bryant shared that Major Andrew Senzer has been transferred from Zone 3 to serve as our new Zone 2 Commander and gave the following updates:
Updates on current crime issues:
There have been some auto-related crimes on Montview, Rivers Road and Woodward Way.  Officer Bryant advised on safety tips:  Keep everything out of your car, as thieves have been going through unlocked cars.  Do not leave key fobs in cars.  If you are out of town, stop your mail and notify PBA.  If you have something valuable coming to your home, deliver it to your workplace.  Home surveillance systems are very affordable and you should install them so they cover the four corners of your house.  The footage is helpful to the APD.  The LPRs (license plate readers) throughout Buckhead have helped as well. When people are going out of town, please inform PBA and let them move trash cans and check for mail or deliveries.  If you see anything suspicious, please call 911 first and then call neighborhood security line.  Always call 911 first. 
Question:  At the end of Havenridge, there is FEMA lot where we have been having problems with people driving on the lot and making donuts.  Can we do anything, like put in a camera?  Does it warrant a camera?  Sadler Poe states that the property will be part of a park improvement around the new recital hall (old Bobby Jones Clubhouse). There should be more limited access to that area at this time next year.  Alex Simmons is heading up that group. The FEMA lots and land around the Clubhouse will be subject to an MOU to improve that area.  According to Officer Bryant, a camera probably would not be possible, as APD only installs cameras on public right of ways around the city.  Zone 2 is saturated and the focus is on south of the city.  Officer Bryant says he will make sure to keep an eye on that area.

7:23 pm Catherine Spillman, Executive Director of Atlanta Memorial Park Conservancy gives update. AMPC membership letters were just sent out.  
The Conservancy is focused on three things that relate to our neighborhood:  Watershed, Connectivity and Greenspace...Haynes Manor Recital Hall Update: The Mayor has signed off on the Haynes Manor Recital Hall (former Bobby Jones Clubhouse).  Catherine is on the board of the Haynes Manor Recital Hall Foundation, and someone from PBA will be asked to join the board.  The former Bobby Jones clubhouse will be renovated to provide chamber music on main floor and education on bottom floor.  An initial neighborhood meeting anticipated in January 2020.  Greenspace Update: AMPC is very focused on adding more trees.  The trees will be added at the Recital Hall and over at Memorial Park and on the Beltline.  AMPC is working with Park Pride.  AMPC is keeping trees pruned thanks to three grants from our garden clubs.  Watershed Update: Catherine had a meeting with GDOT regarding the new bridge.  GDOT is attending quarterly AMPC meetings.  Ruby Collins is a subcontractor working with Watershed.  They are currently relocating utilities and putting in a bypass system.  Starting in January, they will start work on the pump station which will replace current one and it will be much larger.   Neighbors want to have input on the appearance of the new pump station.  Woodward Way will be closed for 6-9 months during that time and GDOT will provide a temporary tunnel for pedestrians.  There will be a meeting for neighborhood in the first quarter of 2020.  Connectivity:  GDOT met with AMPC about adding a light at the McKinley and Northside Drive intersection.  GDOT is in the process of getting a study approved and will then award the contract in January.  It should take approximately ten months to complete this project.  This time next year, there should be a fully functioning crosswalk and light.  Sidewalk work on Wesley should be wrapped up next week and then Woodward Way after that.  
A question is asked about the neighborhood’s desire for a concrete barrier (like the existing one) on the new Northside bridge to protect pedestrians.  GDOT standards do not allow for this type of barrier.  AMPC requested light railing but it cannot be installed because of the fall zone.  GDOT has agreed to put vertical bollards on the bridge.  After the bridge is complete and bollards are in, then GDOT will consider doing more to protect pedestrians.

7:38 pm  Sadler introduces new officers of the board:
Anna Mayeske, President
Norman Dupre, Treasurer
Lisa Britt, Secretary
7:42 pm Sadler hands podium to Anna for the rest of the  meeting. 
Thank you and tribute to Sadler who has given so much of his time and expertise to PBA. Gift presentation to Sadler.
Anna mentions suggestion box and asks attendees leave a note or reach with questions/thoughts.  Talks through the website and encourages everyone to use it as a resource.  Anna's background with PBA has been in membership, social functions and developing the new website, communications and the block captain initiative.  She welcomes feedback and looks forward to working with the neighborhood over the next two years.  She can be reached anytime at
Election of Directors:
We have a staggered board of 24 directors. 
For those whose first term expires tonight and have been nominated to serve another 3 year term:
Anna Mayeske
Norman DuPre
Susan McGonigle
Mark Rusche
For new directors your board has nominated Jennifer Stump (Nacoochee) to serve the unexpired first term of Susan Sandler, which ends at the 2020 annual meeting.  Alec Michaelides, Brian Smith, and Steven Alexander all had terms ending at the 2021 annual meeting, but have moved away from the neighborhood and therefore can no longer serve on the board. To fill those unexpired terms, the board has nominated Kate Allgood (Upper Dellwood), Chris Carpenter (Peachtree Battle) and Marc Schneidau (Upper Montview).
We have 3 new first terms to fill as Sadler Poe and Yancey McCollum’s final terms end this evening. And Linda Wilson is stepping down after completing her first term. For new first term directors, your board has nominated Dan Diffley (Habersham), Marian NeSmith (Havenridge) and Roy Rumpf (Lower Alton).
All of the above nominations were voted on and approved.
7:50 pm Parks Discussion:
Elizabeth Pritchard (PBA resident and former PBA President) and Alec Michaelides (from Land Plus and former PBA Board Member) present the revitalization plan for our neighborhood green spaces starting with the entrances on Peachtree Battle.  In 2008, the PBA membership approved a plan to improve the median island parks.  Due to the recession, the project was tabled.  The Parks Committee felt the time was right to revisit it.  The newly formed PBA Parks and Greenspace Master Plan Subcommittee, well represents the neighborhood.  Members are Susan Clark, Sherry Cohen, Jennifer Glenn (Haynes Manor Garden Club liaison), Elizabeth Hale, Alec Michaelides, Marc Schneidau, Amanda Shailendra (E. Rivers liaison), Peggy Shepard (Habersham Garden Club liaison), and Jane Whitaker.  The goal is to activate our parks and improve green spaces.  Phase 1 of the project is to improve the two main entrances on Peachtree Battle Avenue.  Once Phase 1 is successfully completed, other entrance and green space projects will be pursued.  
Estimated cost for both entrances is $240,000.  Ongoing maintenance of those entrances will add $300 a month to our current maintenance contract with Rosestone.  The PBA Board has approved moving forward.  We must now get approval from APS and the City Parks Department to implement the plans.  The subcommittee will raise the necessary funding, which they hope to do privately.  If we can fund these two entrances privately with neighbor support, then we have a better chance of getting Park Pride and foundation funding for the median parks and other green space projects.  The PBA board voted to provide $22,000 seed money for construction drawings, permitting and oversight.  Donations will be tax deductible through a Park Pride account set up for this project.  
Northside Drive at Peachtree Battle plans:
(Click the image below to see it as a PDF where it will be easier to see the detail)
Peachtree Battle at Peachtree Plans:
(Click the image below to see it as a PDF where it will be easier to see the detail)

8:12 pm Traffic Discussion
Anna Mayeske says that JP Matzigkeit has encouraged neighborhoods to do a traffic study.  Our board has approved us proceeding with the firm TSW and approved financing of the study.  Kirk Rankin will head the traffic committee and the study.  Neighborhood feedback is crucial.  
Kirk Rankin gives traffic update:  GDOT says Northside bridge has been delayed.  Regarding left turn signals for Habersham and W. Wesley, the city has approved it but office of transportation is trying to make it more of a priority.  We received a petition from 100 percent of neighbors on Brookdale/Westover for traffic calming.  We’ve requested a 3-way stop at Brookdale and reduction of speed limit to 25.  CIty has agreed to order a warren study to be complete by mid-January.  Attempt to reduce trucks (over six wheels) cutting through on Westover by installing signage.  Response times from city are slow.  JP is helping us push these issues forward.
Board has approved hiring TSW to do a neighborhood traffic calming study.  Last study was 12 years ago and traffic has changed.  When we go forward with requests, city always asks us where our traffic study is to back up requests.  We need this to incorporate into the cities overall plan.  There will be neighborhood meetings with TSW.  Participation from neighborhood is critical to make this a success.

8:22 pm PBA Finances
PBA Treasurer Norman DuPre presents our finances. Finances are in great shape.  PBA operates on a cash basis.   We will break even this year.  Balance sheet distributed at meeting and copies are below.  There is $100,000 in bank and $50,000 has been authorized to be used for the Parks entrances project and the traffic study.   Encourage everyone to renew membership. Our source of income is the dues.  We have 70 % participation this year in 2019.
Anna shares that we engaged our block captains to help with membership drive last year and we have 70% participation.  Block captains will help us again this year.  Thanks to Carol Short for sponsoring the 2019 drive and Corso Atlanta  for sponsoring the 2020 drive.  
8:26 pm Meeting adjourned