Board Matters
One of the principal reasons for the meeting was the election of directors, but before proceeding with the election, Sadler thanked Jim Parker and Louise Geddes whose terms expired and John Thornton and Molly Childers who found it necessary to resign.  Jim had worked hard as chair of the Parks Committee, and Molly had been a very successful chair of the Social Committee.  Under Jim’s leadership we have made great progress on the conversion of the Bobby Jones clubhouse into a music venue and the surrounding land into a new passive park.  Molly capped her tenure as Social Chair with another successful Halloween Party that netted about $4,000 for our projects on the Peachtree Battle Median and Haynes Manor Park.  And of course, Louise has long served the neighborhood, most recently as PBA’s secretary.
At the meeting we elected four first-term directors:  Susan Clark; Juan Johnson; Lisa Britt and John Ferguson.  We also reelected Steven Alexander, Elizabeth Hale, Alec Michaelides, Brian Smith and Scott Ward for their second terms.  Sadler Poe was reelected to serve the unexpired one-year term of Cameron Glass who moved away from the neighborhood.
Parks Issues
The Haynes Manor Music Foundation has made significant progress in its negotiations with the City, and it now appears that a sublease for the clubhouse and an MOU for the surrounding park will be in place by year end.  Construction will probably start in the late spring.  Sadler acknowledged the leadership of our neighbor Alex Simmons of the Foundation and Catherine Spillman, the executive director of the Atlanta Memorial Park Conservancy, for their work in moving this project along.
PBA is working with the Haynes Manor Garden Club to improve the Peachtree Battle Parkway (the formal name for the City of Atlanta park commonly referred to as the median) and the Haynes Manor Park.  The Parks Committee, with the generous help of board member Alec Michaelides, is working on a master plan for those parks which it will present to the neighborhood sometime in 2019, and then send it on to the City’s Department of Parks and Recreation for its approval.
Membership and Dues
Anna Mayeske who is currently Chair of the Communications Committee and who will be the Vice President/President Elect announced that the PBA Membership Renewal Campaign is now underway.  Attendees were urged to take payment envelopes with them, and envelopes will be distributed to all neighbors shortly.
Last year’s membership campaign was very successful.  Lots of hard work resulted in approximately 70% of our households joining.  That’s close to an all-time record, and we hope to exceed than number in 2019.  It is important to spread membership over as many of our neighbors as possible so that everyone shares in the costs as well as the benefits of membership.
Dues for 2019 are $275.
Traffic Issues
Sadler reported that GDOT was about to start the bid process for the construction of the pedestrian and vehicular bridges over Peachtree Creek at Northside Drive.  GDOT has agreed to work on a 24/7 basis and believes that detours resulting from the construction of the vehicular bridge can be limited to 90 days or less.  Construction of the vehicular bridge is expected to begin in the summer of 2020.
Sadler also reported that he believed that the detours resulting from construction of the bridge provided an opportunity for the City to address some of the regional traffic issues that affect our neighborhood twice daily during rush hours and in the early afternoon and morning when E. Rivers is in session.  His thought is that merely drawing up detour routes without addressing some of the existing issues will just exacerbate current conditions.  Accordingly, it may be possible to get the City to address some of the existing problems by synchronizing traffic lights, adding left-turn arrows and other such “fixes” during the planning for the detours.  Those efforts will be PBA’s focus during 2019.
Financial Report
Treasurer Norman DuPre reported that PBA’s financial position is strong and that the membership effort this year had put the organization back in the black.
Other Matters
Lieutenant Jeff Baxter of our security patrol reported on security issues and our Council Member JP Matzigkeit described ongoing issues at City Hall.
Finally, Sadler thanked the staff at E. Rivers for their help in making the gym available for our meeting.