Block Captain volunteers are the "eyes and ears" of each block.
Throughout Peachtree Battle Alliance, neighbors are grouped into blocks averaging 15 homes each, lead by a Block Captain. In a large neighborhood, it is wonderful that we have so many of these important volunteers to help welcome new homeowners, connect neighbors and build community. BCs often distribute information from PBA to your doorstep, help PBA keep track of changes on the blocks (new neighbors, homes for sale, etc.) and introduce new members to their blocks.
Use this link to find the name of your block captain (shown as property group) and then click view to see their individual contact information in the Member Directory. If there are smaller issues you are looking to resolve on your street, try reaching out to your block captain first!
If you are willing to serve as a Block Captain or volunteer in your block, please let us know. It's a great way to get involved and we need your support. Learn more about the role of a block captain.