The Peachtree Battle Alliance Parks Committee (“Parks”) works with the City of Atlanta, other stakeholders and third-party vendors to maintain and improve the public greenspaces located within the PBA environs.  
In addition to maintaining the beautiful green spaces throughout the neighborhood with funding from membership dues, the Parks Committee works with entities like Atlanta Memorial Park Conservancy and the Atlanta Beltline. This committee has been instrumental in planning with the Betty Young family for a green space on a FEMA lot, is currently working on Haynes Manor Park improvements, and helped place new cameras along the path near the old clubhouse.
We are fortunate to have quite a bit of greenspace within the PBA borders, a map of these areas will be coming soon.  These public common areas include:
  • Peachtree Battle Median Park
  • Sibley Park -- The wooded park at the corner of Habersham and West Wesley.  Parks manages the portion south of West Wesley only.
  • Woodward Way Park -- A small area of greenspace at the corner of Habersham and Woodward Way.
  • Haynes Manor Park  -- The space along Northside Drive from Woodward Way to Manor Ridge
  • Undesignated greenspace at 429 Woodward Way
  • Undesignated greenspace at 473 Woodward Way
  • Undesignated greenspace at the south end of Havenridge Drive.
  • The greenspace located between Woodward Way and Peachtree Creek, from the Northside Drive intersection to the Alton Road intersection. 
Call the Parks Customer Service Call Center at 404-546-6813 for park maintenance requests, trees down in the street, and requests for inspection of a City-owned tree. Open weekdays 7:30am - 4:30pm. Nights, weekends and holidays, call 911 to report trees down in the street.
The City Arborist Division now has all PRIVATE property with orange or yellow sign postings listed by zip code on their website. Please click HERE to see which trees may be coming down near you, and when the deadlines are to file an appeal.

Committee members:  Marc Schneidau (Chair), Amy Githens, Forrest Speed, Jennifer Glenn, Elizabeth Pritchard