PBA Neighbors,
The traffic study for our neighborhood is well under way...and we need your involvement once again on more surveys!  Here is a look at where we are in the process:
The preliminary neighborhood survey had over 300 responses and was very useful in the preliminary stage.  
In August, speed counts were conducted by TSW and you will see the results in the below information.  
In October, we invited neighbors to review the TSW ideas for our neighborhood and submit feedback on each in a series of surveys. These 6 surveys closed on November 15, 2020.
These introduction and background videos explain the options under consideration:
SURVEYS (closed 11/15/2020):
Peachtree Battle Ave. SURVEY: 
W. Wesley SURVEY: 
Dellwood SURVEY: 
Woodward Way SURVEY: 
Manor Ridge & Westover SURVEY: 
Misc. Items SURVEY- Your opinions needed on Speed Radar Sign Locations and Rumble Strip Locations: