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Atlanta BeltLine Corridor Options Being Considered:
Potential Impacts to PBA Neighborhood:
  • Proposed paths called "Corridor 5", "Corridor 6" and, as of January 20th, "Corridor 7", are being considered within the feasibility study PATH is conducting for the BeltLine.
  • Immediate neighbors, whose property will be directly impacted by such a path, have formed a Neighbor Impact Committee.  Two of these neighbors are PBA Board Members Jen Stump and Amy Githens.  Please reach out to them directly if you have questions or can offer assistance.
  • PBA formally responded to BeltLine leadership concerning Corridors 5 and 6 in November 2021.  You can see that letter HERE.
  • Corridors 5 would directly impact properties of neighbors on Nacoochee, Nacoochee Place and Woodward Way, and there are overall concerns related to security, additional public parking in PBA to access these corridors, as well as environmental impacts to the creek and creek bed.
  • Please use the below information to learn about the proposal and make your voices heard.  
  • MAPS: Corridor 5, Corridor 6, Corridor 7 - these are the options, 1 will be chosen.  Corridor 6 is the only one that would not directly impact PBA.
Email received BeltLine on January 20, 2022
Good Afternoon,
Our team is seriously considering concerns and issues raised regarding Corridor 5. In addition, Corridor 6 may also pose significant challenges due to grade changes created by the ridge at Peachtree Road, as well as the possibility that CSX railroad may not allow the trail to pass under the Peachtree Road bridge within their right of way. As a result of these challenges and feedback received from the community, we have identified and are studying an additional corridor which we are calling Corridor 7.
We have extended the timeline for public comment to allow for community review of the additional corridor to January 31st, 2022. Corridor 7 is now included in the interactive map located at beltline.org/nwtrailstudy.
Please assist us in getting the word out about this new Corridor and extended deadline. We remain committed to continued engagement as the study progresses.
Thank you 
Nathan Soldat, AICP
Community Engagement Manager
Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.
Office: 404.477.3552 // Fax: 404.477.3006 // nsoldat@atlbeltline.org // beltline.org
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Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. // 100 Peachtree Street, NW, Suite 2300, Atlanta, GA 30303
  • Public comment for this route ends on 1/31/22
  • The multi family units on the south side of the creek are out in force opposing this route
  • With the exception of the Bennett St option (Corridor 6) all current proposed routes will have an effect on the PBA neighborhood.

Nathan Soldat

Current Atlanta Department of Watershed Management (DWM) Projects taking place in PBA:
We are nearing completion, what work is still remaining?
1) Construct Security Enclosure
  • The construction schedule for the security enclosure has moved to January 2022 through April of 2022 with majority of work being completed by mid-March.  We have a proposed road closure from January 3, 2022 to February 11, 2022. However, this is subject to change and we will have a final date closer to January 2022. 
    Remaining work between now and January will be minor and consist of the following:
    - Final testing of pump station 
    - Electrical work on site for to prepare for lighting installation
    This was due to additional design needed because of proximity to Peachtree Creek and need to be able to withstand forces from flooding conditions. 
  • Memorial Park Conservancy has asked that they keep a section open to let pedestrians pass by (on the edge of the fence like they did before) so that they wouldn’t have to be rerouted.  Ruby-Collins said they would do that for us during the road closure.
Additional Meetings & Presentations:
  • DWM to NPU-C on August 3, 2021 - Concept image below, Click Here for Presentation (.pdf)
  • DWM to NPU-C on December 7, 2021 - Click Here for Presentation (.pdf)
2) Plantings Around the Pump Station
Planting plan for the area around the pump station with input from the neighborhood and Memorial Park - Plan is complete, image below, click image for more detail.
We will post updates as we receive them on this page of the PBA website.
DWM Pump Station Project Contacts
  • Joseph Mitchell Carpenter (Project Manager) | 404-546-1331 office | 678-414-9042 cell | jcarpenter@atlantaga.gov
  • Kinesia Cato (Public Communications) | 404-546-3226 office | 678-387-9878 cell | kcato@atlantaga.gov
"The Whitmore/Havenridge project is still taking place. The contractor is working on the pipeline for Phase 1 and 2. The plan is to finish the pipeline by the end of November 2021. From December 2021 until mid February 2022 , crews will be working on restoration that includes resurfacing, driveway aprons, curbing and landscaping.”
DWM Storm Water Project Contacts
  • Susan Rutherford (Program Director) | 404-546-1251 | srutherford@atlantaga.gov
  • Kinesia Cato (Public Communications) | 678-387-9878 | kcato@atlantaga.gov


6-20-21 UPDATE on Planting Plan:
PBA Parks Co-Chair, Marc Schneidau, met on site with DWM and Catherine Spillman of Memorial Park to discuss the planting plan around the pump station on 6-15-21, below is a summary of that discussion.
Plantings around the station are dictated by the types of roots for the plantings and the requirement for native plants.  Roots need to go down as opposed to spreading out.  Additionally, there is a utility pole near the one of the corners of the structure.  GA Power has very specific requirements about what can be planted and how far from their poles.  
City also has requirements as it relates to safety and security around the structure.  They do not want people to be able to hide, and they need to have visibility around the site - they mentioned that this is now a “protected infrastructure facility”.  
The plan is mostly finalized and we are appreciative of Catherine Spillman leading the way.
We recommended bigger specimens, but landscape architect is worried about the lack of watering maintenance.  The plants will likely be smaller, as they will typically survive better until they get established.
"Weather and on-site conditions permitting, the lane closures on Northside Drive and detour route will be removed on Monday, December 7. Contractors will have completed construction of the two bridges at the intersection of Northside Drive and Woodward Way/Sagamore Way in addition to raising the existing roadways to meet new higher bridge elevations."
"The entire project is scheduled for completion in August 2021. Between December and project completion, City of Atlanta crews will continue work on the Woodward Way pump station and GDOT contractors will perform drainage, erosion work, and repairs to impacted driveways and sidewalks. Among the final activities will be asphalt paving in the area, which has to be done in warm weather."
Block captains distributed an information flyer towards the end of August to all PBA residents to answer many of your questions. We launched this resource page for quick access to information as we progress through the closure. Please check back frequently.

Catherine Spillman of AMPC has been an amazing advocate for our neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods throughout this planning process.  If you see her around Memorial Park, be sure to tell her to keep up the great work and how much we appreciate her efforts.
One of the old bridge legs being destroyed on September 16, 2020 - PEDESTRIANS, PLEASE AVOID THE AREA AT ALL COSTS!

Tuesday, August 25, 2020 Press Release
90-Day Partial Closure of SR 3/Northside Drive for Bridge Replacement Project begins September 8
WHAT:  Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) contractors are scheduled to close SR 3/Northside Drive between Wesley Drive and Peachtree Battle Avenue in Fulton County for 90 days. This closure and detour will provide safety for drivers, pedestrians and workers as construction activities continue on the  Northside Drive at Peachtree Creek Bridge Replacement Project.
WHEN: Weather and on-site conditions permitting, the closure and detour will begin September 8 and continue through early December. 

DETOUR: Northside Drive traffic bound for Woodward Way or points north should use I-75 north to the West Paces Ferry Road exit then travel to Northside Parkway. Northside Drive traffic bound for Wesley Drive or points south of Wesley Drive should use the Northside Drive exit from I-75. 
SR 3/Northside Drive/Northside Parkway between I-75 and West Paces Ferry Road will be closed to all trucks and open to local traffic only. Visitors to Bobby Jones Golf Course and Bitsy Grant Tennis Center can continue to use the Northside Drive exit to access these businesses. 
ADVISORY: Exact dates may change due to weather or other extenuating factors. Motorists are advised to expect delays, use signed detours, exercise caution, and reduce their speed while traveling through work zones. Before heading out, get real-time information on work status and traffic conditions. Call 511, visit 511ga.org or download the Georgia 511 app. 

Overnight Double Lane Closures on Northside Drive Begin on June 1
Weather and on-site conditions permitting, two lanes on Northside Drive near Woodward Way will be closed each weeknight between June 1 and June 19.  Flagmen will be onsite to alternatively direct northbound and southbound traffic through the single remaining lane. Closures will begin at 10:00 p.m. and will remain in place until 5:00 a.m. each following morning. Additional days will be required if weather disrupts the schedule. Drivers are encouraged to avoid the area if possible. 
The construction of the 15-foot wide utility bridge, which will also become a pedestrian bridge when complete, is tentatively scheduled for completion in late summer 2020.  Once the utility bridge is completed, contractors will begin project phase 3, construction of the new road way bridge on Northside Drive. The Northside bridge will have two 10-foot lanes, a 10-foot left turn lane, a 2-foot shoulder, a 4-foot bike lane, a 5-foot sidewalk on the western side from Wesley Drive to the bridge, and a 5-foot shoulder on the eastern side.
Motorists are advised to expect delays, exercise caution, and reduce speeds while traveling through work zones.

Mid-March Updates
In the presentation, GDOT explains that crews must complete the micropile installation for the new Northside Drive bridge before the demolition of the existing bridge which will require nightly (9p-5a) closures of two lanes on Northside Drive for 21 days in the summer of 2020.  The start date has not been set at this time.  GDOT will issue a press release when that date is confirmed and will use flaggers to assist drivers through the 2-lane closure.

2/19/2020 Communication
Crews are creating a bigger walking path along the project site. In addition, crews will update signage (for a clearer message) to let residents know that the walking path is accessible. 
In addition, please remind residents that this is active construction site and to read and follow signage guidelines to ensure safety.
Kinesia Cato
City of Atlanta | Watershed Management | Public Information Officer

January 29, 2020 Press Release
Road closure due to Sanitary Sewer System Upgrade 
Woodward Way NW between Northside Drive NW and Alton Road NW
Monday, February 3, 2020 through November 2020

January 2020 NPU-C Meeting
Click here to see the DWM Presentation from the NPU-C January 2020 Meeting:

December 20, 2019 

New Year, New Construction Happening on Northside Drive
Utility Bridge Construction Starts January 2020!
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December 13, 2019
Northside Drive Stakeholder Meeting Notes
PBA representatives in attendance were Anna Mayeske (President) and Kirk Rankin (Traffic Chair)


According to Juan Velasquez of CW Matthews, construction of the pedestrian bridge is scheduled to begin on January 6, 2020. They are aiming for a mid-August completion. The pedestrian bridge will only serve as a UTILITY bridge until the completion of the entire project, which is still expected to be August 2021. Only at that point in time will the pedestrian bridge be accessible for pedestrian use. This bridge will be constructed first, as it is required to carry the utilities over the creek

When the construction begins on January 6, there will be traffic impacts. There will be more single lane closures on Northside from 9am-4pm. Woodward Way will not be closed but there will be impacts. We hope to get more details on lane closures, etc. soon.

When the pedestrian bridge is complete, the 36" water line will be moved from the west side of Woodward Way over to the east side to tie into the project and this will take approximately two weeks to complete. While this work is going on, 2 lanes of traffic on Northside will be closed to traffic.

The construction of the new pump station is scheduled to begin on February 3, 2020. When this work begins, Woodward Way will be closed for 9-10 months. It was emphasized to the Ruby Collins representatives that any detour signage must be clear. We told them that the past detour signs routing people down lower Alton were not only confusing but dangerous, as cars were speeding down Alton.

The new striping plan for the intersection of Woodward Way, Sagamore and Northside was requested so that we can see what this intersection will look like upon full completion of projects.

The pump station design was a concern after visuals were presented at the NPU-C meeting in October 2019. Since then, the Department of Watershed Management (DWM) has worked to find a more attractive barrier/wall for the pump station. New visuals were presented at this stakeholder meeting and everyone thought it was much more suitable. They are also working on landscaping and tree planting options that will further soften the appearance of the pump station. Catherine Spillman (Atlanta Memorial Park Conservancy) said that she would be happy to work with them to find good native options DWM is also looking into putting a graffiti-resistant application on any solid surface around the station.


DWM will attend the January 7, 2020 NPU-C meeting and present on the pump station project again. You are urged to attend if you have questions or just want to see and hear about the work and new design.


A few things we would like PBA neighbors to keep in mind:
  1. This is a substantial project. There are many moving parts. The area of Woodward Way, Sagamore and Northside by the bridge is and will be an active construction site. While there will be a walkway added during the pump station construction by Ruby Collins, please remember to be safe and try to avoid the area. Use the crosswalks provided and do not go "off course."
  2. Catherine Spillman reiterated how wonderful her experience has been working with everyone at Ruby Collins throughout their work at Memorial Park. We are fortunate to have such professionals doing this work.
  3. DWM is listening to us. The dramatic difference from the look of the pump station presented in October 2019 to the preliminary one presented at this meeting are evidence. Please plan to attend the January 2020 NPU-C meeting to see their latest plans.
  4. Since the 90 day limit to the closure of Northside Drive and detour was implemented (thanks to past PBA work on this issue), please understand that we all want the same thing - the work to be completed in the most efficient manner possible. There are measures in place to ensure that it will only be a 90 day detour and there are penalties that will be applied if there is failure to do so. As Northside is a GDOT highway, this is not like the Powers Ferry bridge replacement that seemed to go on forever.
  5. Communications representatives from GDOT and DWM were also present at the meeting and we requested that there be an online page (social media or on one of their websites) to keep us up to date on all of the work, in addition to their email alerts (which we will send to you whenever we receive them). We are hoping for a "one stop shop" where we all can have access and get up to date information at anytime. PBA will keep you informed as we hear more in the coming weeks.
  6. If we receive any changes to the above information, we will let you know. Please contact us if you have questions.

May 28, 2019 Communication
Northside Drive Bridge Replacement Project
Dear Friends,
This email is to provide another update on the Northside Drive Bridge Replacement Over Peachtree Creek project construction activities and schedule timeline.
Our previous email to you described the “cascade” of utility relocations that needed to occur throughout 2019 before construction of the pedestrian bridge begins in early 2020. We know that the existing pedestrian bridge carries significant utility facilities as well, so several months will be dedicated to ensuring all utilities are relocated and remain functional during the bridge construction. The City of Atlanta’s water and sewer line work in the project area is also anticipated to continue through early 2020.
Most recently, the contractor has advised us that the schedule for the 90-day detour installation to ensure safety during construction of the Northside over Peachtree Creek Bridge will likely be pushed back to Spring 2021, not Spring 2020 as previously reported. The Spring 2020 detour information was provided by the contractor prior to fully investigating the extensive utility work needed. Please know that at this time, we are not able to be more specific about the month or date that the detour will be installed in 2021.
We understand your need to make travel adjustments related to this detour and commit to provide notice of the detour timeline well in advance, in addition to other project-related traffic impacts over the next two years.

March 2019 Communication Received
District 7

This email is designed to provide information on the upcoming SR 3/US 41/ Northside Drive at Peachtree Creek Bridge Replacement project, scheduled for construction in 2020. 

The existing bridge was built in 1926, has a low sufficiency rating (41.2 out of 100) and must be replaced. When complete, this project will provide new bridge approaches on Northside and a new bridge over Peachtree Creek. The new bridge will have two 10-foot lanes, a 10-foot left turn lane, a 2-foot shoulder, 4-foot bike lane, a 5-foot sidewalk on the western side from Wesley Drive to the bridge, and a 5-foot shoulder on the eastern side. A 15-foot pedestrian bridge will be constructed next to the new bridge on the road’s eastern side, to connect to the existing multi-use paths in Atlanta Memorial Park and Bobby Jones Golf Course to the Peachtree Creek Trail. This construction will require installation of a traffic detour in 2020, which many of you have learned from the project public involvement efforts.

This correspondence is to provide you advance notice that significant utility relocations must occur in the area this spring to avoid work delays and compounded traffic impacts for next year’s bridge construction. Within the next two weeks, lane closures will be installed on Northside Drive to allow Georgia Power, several other utilities and the City of Atlanta Dept. of Public Works (tentatively) to relocate their underground facilities in the project area. These lane closures will help keep workers and drivers safe, provide space for large equipment on-site and allow optimum work hours.

Phase 1 – mid-March to end of March.  Weather permitting, vegetation clearing will begin on Monday, March 11 to remove trees that overhang the existing Peachtree Creek bridge that would obstruct construction of the two new bridges to be built next year. The clearing activities and related single lane closure will last for about 14 days in the northbound lane of Northside Drive in the area before the bridge to the end of the project. 

Phase 2 – end of March through Memorial Day. Following the clearing, Georgia Power will lead off the cascade of utility relocations beginning late March. Because of the large equipment needed for the work, crews will close the northbound lane and one turn lane on Northside in the project area until Memorial Day. Flaggers and signage will guide drivers through these closures. Georgia Power also suggests that a temporary detour may be needed for a few days to reach the power pole on the northeast side of Sagamore Drive and Woodward Way, because their large, heavy equipment can’t sit safely on the bridge culvert.

During both phases, lane closures would be in place weekdays from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., but a weekend work schedule is still under consideration if needed to complete this work on-time.

GDOT will provide regular updates on the closures. We encourage you to share this information with your constituents and visitors. Please alert them to allow extra travel time as they drive through the lane closures within and around the project area.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you in advance for your patience!


Tori A. Brown
District 7 Communications Specialist
Metro Atlanta Office
770.216.3813 Office


January - February 2019
Initiatives of PBA and Progress
1) Create a coalition of neighborhoods to address the detours and effects of the 90-day closure of Northside Drive at Peachtree Creek.


A loose alliance of the following organizations was formed for the purpose of dealing with issues relating to the closing of Northside Drive in connection with the replacement of the bridge over Peachtree Creek.  The following organizations comprise that alliance Atlanta Memorial Park Conservancy, Ardmore Park Civic Association,  Brandon Civic Association, Castlewood Civic Association, Channing Valley Civic Association, Collier Hills Civic Association,  Collier Hills North Civic Association, Habersham Park Civic Association, Memorial Park Civic Association, Peachtree Battle Alliance, Peachtree Heights West Civic Association, Springlake Civic Association, Wesley Battle Civic Association and Wildwood Civic Association.

A meeting of this alliance was held at the home of Sadler Poe at 6:00 PM on January 23, 2019.  The following persons attended:  Erin Bailey (Springlake), David Gylfe (Collier Hills), Michelle Hatch (Channing Valley), Elenor Klingler (Castlewood), Nolan Leake (Peachtree Heights West), Roger Moister & Susan Moody (Collier Hills North), Whitney Paulowsky (Brandon), Claire Stroud (Ardmore Park), Reggie Williamson (Habersham Park), Garth Peters (Memorial Park) and Sadler Poe (Peachtree Battle).

Current goals include identifying intersections that can be improved with left-turn signals and extended left-turn lanes, work with USPS, FedEx, UPS, City of Atlanta Office of Solid Waste Services to limit pick up and deliveries during peak traffic periods.  Sadler is also trying to arrange meetings with the City’s traffic committee and identify a representative from our neighborhood to attend the meetings of the City’s Traffic Committee, chaired by Andre Dickens. Another suggestion is to reach out to the at-large council members: Andre Dickins, Michael Julian Bond and Matt Westmoreland.

2) Creation of a subcommittee of the PBA Traffic Committee to work on this project by monitoring progress, communicating with GDOT and other city officials and communicating with our neighborhood for the duration of the project.  Additionally, at least one member of this committee will liaise with local media outlets to keep the broader public aware of detours.


This webpage is intended to have the most up-to-date information available at all times.  There will be a link on our homepage, directing you to the bridge updates, when work on the bridge begins.

If you are interested in being a part of this important subcommittee, please click HERE.

3) Push GDOT to agree to a bridge design that will have a barrier between the pedestrian sidewalk and the southbound traffic lane over the bridge.


Currently GDOT is not willing to allow for a barrier between the southbound traffic lane of Northside Drive and the pedestrian sidewalk on the west side of the new bridge. Sadler Poe and Catherine Spillman (Atlanta Memorial Park Conservancy) have scheduled a meeting with GDOT's project manager to discuss the issue, and will pursue a solution with state and local elected officials.

4) Work with our own PBA Security officers and the APD to plan for potential intersections which may need a police presence and possible traffic directing during the bridge closure.


October 1, 2018
Update from PBA President

GDOT now says that construction of the bridge and the resulting closure of Northside will start in the summer of 2020.  The latest communication from GDOT says the bridge will be constructed on a 24/7 basis, and there is no longer a contingency for their being able to find a contractor that will do the work within their budget.

PBA has been working with AMPC and four other affected civic associations on some remaining details.  For example, we have all requested that GDOT install some sort of railing between the traffic and the sidewalk on the bridge.  We have also asked that construction start after Memorial Day in 2020 so that the closure/detours will not begin until after the end of the school year.

To maximize our chances of success, we have enlisted the aid of State Senators Jen Jordan and Nikema Williams and Representative Beth Beskin.  Senators Jordan and Williams are working with Stacey Key, the GDOT commissioner who represents our district.  Representative Beskin is working directly with GDOT staff.  We are very grateful to all three for their assistance.  Who says bipartisanship is dead!  If you see them, please let them know how much you appreciate their efforts on our behalf.


June 7, 2018
DWM,GDOT &PATH Open House Notes from AMPC
Key Takeaways
Thanks to the cooperation from GDOT and savings on the Woodward Way trail, the PATH Foundation and AMPC are moving forward with their goal to provide a pedestrian underpass under the new Northside Drive bridge.
GDOT shared that a barrier between the roadway and 5’5” sidewalk on the new Northside Drive bridge was not going to be possible while keeping the bridge on budget and on schedule.  Attendees at the meeting asked GDOT to look into adding a higher curb and handrail in lieu of a barrier but GDOT stated the handrail would not be part of this project for the reasons of adding a false sense of security and additional maintenance. AMPC will continue discussions with GDOT on how to provide a separation between vehicles and pedestrians on the vehicular bridge.
GDOT clarified that the sidewalk on the west side of the vehicular bridge will be connected to the future Memorial Park sidewalk.
The pedestrian bridge construction is estimated to commence in Q1 of 2019, with the vehicular bridge construction to commence in 2020. 24/7 work has been approved during the road closure portion of the reconstruction which will bring the duration of the road closure down to 3 months (90 days).
DWM is commencing work on several projects in the park, including the $36M Peachtree Creek Trunk Stabilization Project and the $8.6M Howell Mill and Oldfield Outfalls Project (to remove the sewer pipes crossing Peachtree Creek). To view DWM's slide presentation from June 7, 2018, click here

March 13, 2018
GDOT Open House Notes & Imagery Presented
Documents given to attendees: Link to Handout

According to a GDOT official, about 225 people attended the open house. Over 72 written comments were received and about 10 given to the court reporter.

GDOT may be able to reduce the time of closure to 90 days or less if work proceeds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Approval to do this is based on 1) consent from the City and 2) GDOT being able to secure a 24/7 contract that is within budget. PBA is doing everything possible to help facilitate this effort. When you send in your comments, we encourage you to tell GDOT you want to fast track the project.

GDOT is aware of the concern over the lack of barrier/protection for pedestrian traffic on the west side, 5' sidewalk on the bridge - feel free to mention this concern in your comments.

GDOT is reviewing all comments received.

Presentation Images