2021 Annual Meeting Recap
Posted on Nov 7th, 2021


2021 PBA Annual Meeting
Held Virtually on November 3, 2021, at 7:00 pm
2021 Annual Meeting

7:00 pm  Anna Mayeske, President, calls meeting to order.
7:03 pm  Quorum reached.
Anna introduces J. P. Matsigkeit, current district 8 city council representative and Mary Norwood, incoming district 8 representative.
J.P. Matzigkeit (recording timestamp 01:37):
Congratulates Mary and discusses November 2 election voter turnout. Buckhead had highest turnout in the city at 36%. It is imperative to vote in the November 30th runoff so Buckhead’s voice is heard.
Public Safety - Met with Major Senzer, Zone 2. He is encouraged about progress they are making. He is getting additional officers and they are bringing down crime. Still needs more officers but doing best with what they currently have.
Funded School speed zone cameras for APS & private schools and these are starting to be implemented to reduce speeding around schools. This will increase safety and free up officers to focus on crime.
Mary Norwood (recording timestamp 05:34):
Thanks J.P. for his outstanding work and gives update.
Currently working on zoning ordinance rewrite.
Working to identify transportation projects in anticipation of another Tsplost. She will be asking every neighborhood in District 8, including PBA, what they would like to have.
Attended most recent Beltline presentation and she will be going to every corridor and work with every neighborhood including PBA to help ensure we do what is best.
She also will be working on tree canopy, crime and street conditions.
Anna introduces Sonya Halpern, State Senator for District 39 and Peachtree Battle Neighbor.
Sonya Halpern (recording timestamp 09:18):
She was elected last year in special election after winning 80% in runoff.
Discusses efforts she has sponsored.
Special session began today (Nov. 3) for redistricting. Legislature conducts redistricting every ten years following the census. 2020 census results are in so we must determine district lines. Will focus on Congressional, State Senate and State House lines but it also impacts County Commission, School Board and City Council lines. The municipal county and school board lines will not be finalized and taken up until 2022 session. In Georgia, we had 1 million additional people counted from last census. Major growth in metro Atlanta area. Trying to create districts with proportional number of people in districts. District 39 has 14,000 too many people so district expected to change here and around metro Atlanta. In rural areas, there has been population loss. This summer, public hearings were held to hear from constituents about what they want to see. Response was fair maps reflective of the state and a transparent process. If you would like to add your feeling to the record about redistricting, you can at https://www.legis.ga.gov/joint-office/reapportionment/public-comments.
Public safety also being addressed during special session. The State Public Safety Committee had a hearing on the crime problem in Atlanta and the State and Local Government Operation Committee is meeting about the issues in Buckhead. This is the first hearing on the city-hood push and a chance to hear from those for it and those against it. No definitive action will be taken at this time.
She is working daily with leaders across all sectors and formed MACPAC (Metro Atlanta Crime Prevention Advisory Council) to find solutions right now around public safety. Will share results with PBA.
Reach out to her at sonya.halpern@senate.ga.gov or 404-463-1351.
Anna introduces Alex Simmons who is working on plans for the old Bobby Jones Clubhouse.
Alex Simmons (recording timestamp 18:41):
Shares history of Bobby Jones Clubhouse; the community needs and concerns for the old clubhouse after the new clubhouse was built; the idea of a performance venue and how it satisfies community concerns. Shares conception and construction drawings of 200-seat venue.
Finished construction drawings in summer and turned over to contractor for bidding. Pricing for construction increased over summer so working on ways to lessen impact. Still working on some details but expect to have construction contract signed in the coming days. Will go public in NPCU meeting on December 7. Will then hold special PBA and AMPC session where neighbors can ask questions. Goal is to break ground in early 1st quarter of next year.
Anna introduces Catherine Spillman, Memorial Park Connservancy Executive Director.
Catherine Spillman (recording timestamp 30:08)
Shares underpass images. Project has been in the making for six years and has now begun. This will get pedestrians away from traffic. Goes under Northside Drive bridge and loops back to Wesley Drive. Shows images of Debbie’s Place which is a circular stone seating/gathering area.
Shares green infrastructure project underway on Wesley Drive. Wesley Drive is closed and will open back up in mid-late November.
Alex, Catherine and J.P. talk about video cameras that will be put in behind Recital Hall. Working with the Police Foundation on camera behind Recital Hall and camera underneath the bridge (underpass). Portion of funding came from Renew Bond. Tax dollars at work in neighborhood.
Anna discusses Beltline project
Shares Corridor 5 Concept Vision which was shared in Beltline meeting on November 1 and runs through our neighborhood. Anna shares neighborhood plan of action. Neighbors along proposed path have complete opposition. We have requested a meeting which will take place second week of December virtually. PBA working on formal response regarding corridor 5 and then will go to full board for approval and then will submit to neighborhood and leadership of Beltline and Path. Neighbors can zoom in on the interactive maps on the website and make comments here: https://nwbeltlinetrail.mysocialpinpoint.com/nwtrailstudy/map#/
Watershed Management updates: Pump station enclosure is delayed to between Jan-April 2022. Will be a 5-week closure of Woodward Way. Whitmore/Havenridge pipeline should be finished by end of November 2021 and then they will begin restoration of houses and yards impacted. When projects are completely done, we will go around and document things that need to be cleaned up and restored.
Anna thanks board members, encourages neighborhood board participation. Steps down as Board President. Hands over to President-elect Susan Clark.
Susan Clark (recording timestamp 46:40):
Thanks Anna. Susan honors Anna and gives acceptance of nomination speech. She is a resident of Lower Montview since 2015.
Susan shares membership update.
Tonight we kick-off annual membership drive. PBA has more than 70 neighborhood volunteers. Current 77% membership participation. Shares which block captains had 100% participation. Blocks and block captions are listed in members section on website. Renew membership on website. Membership year is January-December. We would love your renewal by December 31, 2021.
Susan introduces Wendel Greider, PBA Security Chair. Wendel introduces Sgt. Paul Bryant, standing in for Jeff Baxter.
Sgt. Paul Bryant:
Paul shares APD updates. New training center support is much appreciated. New location for West Village precinct at West Paces Ferry Road and Peachtree Road should be occupied in Feb 2022 with 24 officers focused on traffic issues. On top of that, they will receive 10% of every Academy class that graduates to keep it well staffed.
Another pilot initiative in Zone 2 is transition to a new video management system to leverage cameras city wide and put them in officers hands and allows them to integrate private cameras. Residents will be able to register their cameras with police dept. online. Testing in zone 2 and hoping to implement city-wide next year. Will be testing to make sure it is not hackable.
PBA is a safe neighborhood. Door-to-door solicitation is illegal for any business soliciting money without a permit. Do not engage and do not answer them. Call 911 and then the PBA security phone is you are uncomfortable. We can curb the uptick in this by not engaging and reporting immediately. If they have a campaign or initiative where they are not trying to solicit money for a business, they are allowed to go door-to-door.
The camera at Woodward, Montview and Whitmore is now operational.
Wendel Greider:
We have a new dedicated PBA patrol vehicle soon to be deployed. It was donated by Cingo owned by the Allgoods.
Susan Clark:
We are so grateful to our officers. Neighbors should utilize the PBA Security Patrol Away from Home option. Call the security line and let them know you are out of town - mail, garbage, etc.
Susan introduces Kirk Rankin, board member who has led the Traffic Study.
Kirk Rankin:
The Traffic Study is fully approved by the city as of the council meeting this week. Now on to implementation of the 40+ recommendations that are part of the study. We will have to get funding to get each part done. Some items will be easy to get done.
Kirk highlights top priorities of traffic study - Roundabout at Peachtree Battle/Dellwood; 3-way stop at Brookdale and Westover; Woodward Way speed limit reduction to 25; Manor Ridge and Haynes Manor park traffic entrance; Bike lane restriping; W. Wesley and Dellwood striping.
Paul Hagedorn raises hand and is interested in traffic circle in front of his house. He wants to contribute to PBA. Would like to be more involved.
Susan Clark gives Parks Update:
Parks Committee has been exploring options specific to beautification and sustainability regarding the PB median and greenway area. We cancelled maintenance contract that overlapped with the city. Frees up funds to future projects. 15k was approved to fund park improvements with focus on Haynes Manor Park
Susan Clark leads Election of Directors:
PBA has two board vacancies. PBA currently seeking one board member for one vacancy and proposes Dana Hudson for the other vacancy. Board proposes that membership reelect for a second term Lisa Britt, Susan Clark, John Ferguson, Juan Johnson and Nory LeBrun. No discussion. All vote to reelect. No opposition.
We are in need of a social chairperson, marketing and newsletter publishing, website manager, civic liaison, committee members for parks, committee members for security, sponsorship, and event volunteers. Use the link on the website if interested and we will follow up.
Bob Caton updates PBA on Financials:
Through Sept. 30 2021 assets are 104k, liabilities $80.00, income for is at 77k. Expenses is about 105k with 54% going to security patrol and then park maintenance 13%, administrative 12%. Traffic Study was a one-time expense at $11k. Spring and Social Party about $1k.
For this year and ongoing, Security Patrol Car will cost around $10k a year.
Susan Clark thanks Anna and everyone. Meeting adjourned.