Introducing Christmas Light Balls to Peachtree Battle
Posted on Nov 1st, 2021

Brookdale Drive residents introduced the tradition of hanging Christmas Light Balls from their trees in our neighborhood last holiday season. Clusters of these balls flying high above the street made it feel like a winter wonderland to passersby! The custom of hanging large holiday light balls in residential trees began in Greensboro, NC’s Sunset Hills neighborhood back in the late ‘90s. We’re hoping this magical custom will take off in our neighborhood. A local teen, Max Cook, is making balls for sale. Place orders through November 15 while supplies last. (Update: order link has closed.)
PBA Board Member and Brookdale Drive resident Suzanne Jones first brought Christmas Light Balls back from her childhood home of Greensboro, NC more than 10 years ago. Friends in her former Atlanta neighborhood, Wildwood, enjoyed their beauty, so ball-stringing parties ensued. The streets of Wildwood are now heavily populated with the glow of large dangling lights during the December holidays. When the Jones family moved to Brookdale, the tradition launched in PBA. While crafty individuals are well-suited to forming spheres from chicken wire and stringing them with lights, those on Brookdale wanting more light balls are procuring balls from Max Cook this season. Max, a local teen who also used to reside in Wildwood, creates and sells these balls. If others want to purchase Christmas Light Balls, Max is an excellent resource! His small, medium and standard-sized options are nicely shaped spheres that are quality checked by Max’s mom, Margaret. As both an 8th-grade entrepreneur and philanthropist, Max also generously donates a large share of his proceeds to the Georgia Boy Choir. 
Christmas Light Balls are available for purchase in white, red, green, and multi-color options.
Pricing is as follows:
  • Standard Light Ball (~14 inch)  $35
  • Medium Light Ball (~11 inch)  $25
  • Small Light Ball (~7 inch)  $20
To view a detailed flyer with more information, please click here.
For a video of the high-flying Christmas balls in Greensboro, check out this link!
Questions? Please contact PBA Christmas Ball Liaison, Suzanne Jones at 404-808-2882 or