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Message from JP Matzigkeit on Crime
Posted on Mar 11th, 2020

1. Put more officers on the street. APD has and will continue to add special units to Zone 2. Some of the additional officers you will see and others you will not. In addition, APD is increasing its overall ranks of officers, thanks to the historic pay raises I helped champion. Last year we added approximately 125 officers (net) to the force and we must do the same this year and next.
2. Install more cameras and ensure all cameras are operational. We have installed about half the planned cameras in District 8 and I have offered to pay $5,000 toward a camera in every neighborhood. To better ensure our cameras are operational, the Atlanta Police Foundation is taking responsibility for their maintenance and will be doing regular diagnostic checks throughout the system.
3. Work with judges to ensure detainees receive appropriate bonds and convicted criminals receive appropriate sentences. Our judges play a key role in the criminal justice system and we are committed to holding them accountable. To better share information with the community, Councilmember Shook and I are hiring a resource to track detainees and criminals who commit felonies in Zone 2.
4. Encourage citizens to keep their vehicles free of valuables. We need everyone’s help to reduce the attractiveness of our vehicles to criminals. Victims of car crimes are not to blame for car crimes, criminals are to blame, but we need everyone’s help. The City will increase its public awareness campaign to encourage everyone to:
Never leave valuables in a parked, unattended car.
Never leave a weapon in your car that is not appropriately secured.
Never leave your keys / key fob in your car or leave your car while it’s running.
Always be vigilant, look out for your neighbors, and call 911 if you see anything suspicious.
I greatly appreciate your partnership to decrease crime in Buckhead.  We all have a role to play, and I believe in Chief Shields and in the men and women of our police department.  Please continue to communicate with my office regarding any questions or concerns you may have.