Memo sent to Membership 8-26-19
Posted on Aug 29th, 2019

Good Morning Members,
If you are wondering what’s going on with the closure of Woodward Way at Northside, so are we.  Back in May the City’s Department of Watershed Management indicated that their project—the Oldfield Sewer Project—was a relatively simple one.  It involved tunneling under Northside to install a new line and then adding a couple of manholes on our side of Northside.  It should take approximately one month, they said.
Well, one month has stretched to two, then three and maybe four.  We were advised last week that the contractor estimated that it would complete the project in two to three weeks.  Watershed Management added that the contractor was working diligently to meet that schedule.  Keep your fingers crossed.
You may also have noticed that there are some large spools of underground cable at the Sagamore/Woodward Way/Northside intersection.  While we don’t know for sure, we understand that the cable is part of the process of relocating utilities in connection with the replacement of the Northside bridge over Peachtree Creek.  We hope this cable can be installed without major ditches that would interfere with traffic.
GDOT has not been forthcoming with their schedule for the bridge replacement, so PBA, AMPC, and several other neighborhood associations have requested a meeting.  We expect that to take place shortly after Labor Day.  We hope to get a better idea of why GDOT has decided to delay construction of the bridge and the associated closure of Northside until the spring of 2021.  As you know, the bridge replacement/closure had originally been scheduled for the summer of 2020 when traffic would be lightest because school would be out of session.  Some are suggesting that if the project must be delayed, it would be better to delay it until the summer of 2021.
In addition to obtaining an update on the project’s overall schedule, we hope to make progress on our request that there be some sort of fence or other barrier that would protect pedestrians on the new bridge from the traffic.
We will keep you apprised of developments.
Sadler Poe
PBA President