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Tree Ordinance - Your input is requested
Posted on Jun 12th, 2019

Last week the Urban Ecology group held an open, public forum  to present their findings from their ecology surveys and to also present a framework for developing the new Tree Protection Ordinance (TPO).   It is a very complex issue covering Tree Value Assessments, Development Standard and Regulations, Due Diligence, and Non-Construction Tree Removal, and more.   For each of the various components, there are several options to consider, and they would like to hear from you, the citizens of Atlanta.
The public will able to comment until mid-July.  At that time the Urban Ecology group will take all the comments and create a first-pass of the Tree Protection Ordinance, hopefully by mid- August. Once it is drafted, they will start a new round of public meetings to allow comments and further tweaking.  
Ultimately this TPO will come to a vote at City Council. It will apply to City of ATL and its government only (not state of GA).  
Please see the links to the documents presented and the worksheet to fill out below, and send in your feedback before 7/17