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June 2019 Updates
Posted on Jun 3rd, 2019


After more than a year of telling us that the bridge over Peachtree Creek would be constructed during the summer of 2020, GDOT now says the work on the bridge (and the related closure of Northside) will not take place until the spring of 2021.  GDOT has given no explanation for the change.  

No other aspect of the project’s schedule has changed.  The preparatory relocation of the utilities is on schedule and is expected to be complete by the end of December, 2019.  The work on the pedestrian bridge is expected to start in January.  That bridge is expected to be sufficiently far along to allow the Department of Watershed Management to begin the process of relocating the water and sewer lines that currently hang under the existing bridge during the winter of 2020.  Completion of the relocation is scheduled to be complete by the end of March, 2020.  

Assuming the removal and replacement of the vehicular bridge begins in April, 2021, a full year would have elapsed between the relocation of the water/sewer lines and the commencement of the main project.  

No one has even attempted to explain why the main bridge cannot be constructed as originally scheduled.  We are working with Councilman JP Matzigkeit to schedule a meeting with GDOT, its contractor and Watershed Management to get some answers.
Here is our web page devoted to updates on this project, you can find it under Resources on the PBA website:


You have probably noticed the road closure signs on the stretch of Woodward Way between Northside and Peachtree Battle.  The project responsible for that closure is part of the sewer improvement project that has been in progress for some time.  This part of the project has to do with the way sewage is routed from the houses that are located in the triangle inscribed by Woodward Way, Northside and Peachtree Battle. That triangle is located on the western side of Northside and is not part of our neighborhood, so you may be asking yourself « What does this have to do with us? ». 

The answer is that that sewage is now routed into a trunk line that runs through Atlanta Memorial Park.  It gets there through an exposed line that crosses Peachtree Creek.  Watershed Management has determined that that exposed line needs to be replaced—but not with another exposed line.  Instead, Watershed Management is running a new line down Woodward Way toward Northside.  It will then tunnel under Northside and come to our side of Woodward Way.  When it gets to our side, there will be an open trench for the pipe’s installation, and that will require Woodward Way and Sagamore to be closed for a period.

By tunneling under Northside, Watershed Management believes it will not affect traffic on Northside.  However, the closure of Sagamore and Woodward Way will certainly affect us.  This project is expected to be complete by mid July.