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PBA News from Sadler Poe, President
Posted on Apr 4th, 2019

Speeding on Peachtree Battle - Possible Roundabout at Dellwood
Quite a few neighbors have voiced concerns about speeding on Peachtree Battle.  It is not infrequent that impatient drivers use the bike lanes to pass law-abiding drivers.  At other times the 25 mph speed limit is not even wishful thinking despite the risk of the speed trap cops.  These practices raise safety concerns for drivers and pedestrians alike.
Several neighbors have suggested that we consider a roundabout at the intersection of Peachtree Battle and Dellwood.  There seems to be plenty of room within the existing rights of way.  A landscaped roundabout could not only slow traffic in an unobtrusive way, but it could also add an attractive feature to our neighborhood.
We are in the very preliminary stages of considering a roundabout, and we would like to hear your thoughts, click here:
Northside Drive Bridge Construction Update
Last month we reported on the construction around the bridges over Peachtree Creek at Northside and Howell Mill.  No doubt you have first hand experience with the traffic that resulted from the lane closure on Northside and the complete closure of Howell Mill.
We are not out of the woods by a long shot.  Georgia Power will start moving power lines in order to make way for the new pedestrian bridge that will be constructed to link up the paths around Bobby Jones and Bitsy Grant.  That work will result in shutting down two lanes of Northside at times.  As a result Northside will be reduced to a single lane.  This work is expected to continue until Memorial Day.
The City’s Department of Watershed Management’s sewer line project on Howell Mill is expected to be finished within the next couple of weeks. That means Howell Mill should reopen soon.
On the other hand, you may recall that our Traffic Committee Co-Chair Kirk Rankin learned last month that the City’s Department of Public Works is planning to do extensive repair work on the Howell Mill bridge.  Fortunately, we understand that GDOT has convinced DPW to delay the repair work until after Georgia Power has completed the power line relocation on Northside.
Keep your fingers crossed.
Old Bobby Jones Clubhouse and Surrounding Park
By now I am sure you are all aware of the idea of converting the old Bobby Jones Clubhouse into a chamber music venue and the surrounding land into a park.  I am happy to report that we are close to having the necessary documentation done.  The City and the Music Foundation are down to the nits on the documents and expect to submit them to the State soon for its approval.  The State actually owns the site and has leased it to the City, so the State has a right to approve the documents.  Everyone expects that the State’s approval will be forthcoming.  With any luck, construction work on the project will start this summer.