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PBA Security Statement
Posted on Mar 3rd, 2019

There has been a great deal of discussion lately regarding crime in Zone 2 and more specifically, our neighborhood.  We thought it was time to dig into the crime data provided by APD to see exactly where we stand.  Below you will see a chart of crime incidents from 2009 to 2019 (through Jan 15, 2019):
On the evening of February 27th, there was a District 8 neighborhood president’s meeting attended by our President-Elect, Anna Mayeske.  Major Barry Shaw, Major John Quigley and Councilmember JP Matzigkeit noted the following about Zone 2 crime:
- The majority of the crime in Zone 2 is vehicle larceny and theft because it is so lucrative for these criminals.  There have been 25 individuals arrested on crimes related to car break-ins and car theft this year.  One month ago, the crime rate was up 15% from the same time period in 2018.  Currently, the rate is down 6% from the same time period in 2018.  Car break-ins are down 32%.
- There have been a total of 112 car thefts in 2019 (this does not include “slider” crimes).  At least 50% of those cars were taken with the keys or key fobs left inside the car.  It is imperative that citizens remain aware of the distance between the key fob and the car.  The car can be stolen if the key fob is in range.  
- There is a zone realignment coming in March without any reduction in Zone 2 headcount.  The workload is too high for the available officers, so two beats will move to surrounding zones.   Chief Erika Shields is also implementing an Auto Crimes Task Force for Zones 2 and 5.  
- APD continues its efforts to expand video feed throughout the city into the Video Integration Center to support officers in real time.  Neighborhoods with Operation Shield have seen an average crime reduction of 20%.  
- JP Matzigeit is following the lead of Yolanda Adrean and saving funds to use for more cameras in this district.  
- The Atlanta Police Foundation is piloting a program called the “Blue Light Program” to address crimes at gas stations with the use of cameras.  JP has indicated that once the cameras are installed, he hopes to make the public aware of which gas stations are part of this initiative.