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Upcoming Renew Atlanta Prioritization and Rebaselining Meetings
Posted on Jan 17th, 2019

There will be an important meeting next Thursday, January 24, at Sutton Middle School (the old Northside High School) starting at 6:30 PM.  I urge you to attend.  This is the first of two meetings to be held at Sutton—the second on February 28—that will deal with the apparent shortfall in revenues to fund about $1 Billion of projects that the City had identified.  The City had planned to fund these projects with the proceeds of the Renew Atlanta bonds that were issued in 2015 and the sales tax revenues from the TSPLOST that was approved thereafter.  The TSPLOST revenues have not been as high as anticipated, and it now appears that some of the projects must be abandoned.
At the meeting next Thursday representatives of the City will explain why the projected revenues will not be sufficient and will lay out three different ways to cut back projects.  Some of these cutbacks will affect our neighborhood.
One purpose of the meeting will be to get feedback from the attendees on these three scenarios.  Accordingly, it is important for PBA members to attend.  The format of the meeting will be a series of presentations from the City representatives.  This meeting will be unlike the meetings held last year regarding the Northside Bridge replacement or the new Zoning Law (held at Northside United Methodist Church and Trinity Presbyterian Church, respectively) where you could come at any time and visit the various information booths that were spread around the room.  Accordingly, it is important that you arrive at the beginning.
Below you will find further information about the meetings that was included in JP Matzigkeit’s newsletter.
Sadler Poe
Upcoming Renew Atlanta Prioritization and Rebaselining Meetings
In 2015, Atlanta voters overwhelmingly approved $250 million in Renew Atlanta bonds to make repairs, improvements, and upgrades to transportation and building projects citywide.
A lot of work has been done in District 8. Streets have been paved, sidewalks have been built and work is under way to replace the 70-year-old Powers Ferry Road bridge next to Chastain Park. A two-mile extension of the PATH around Bobby Jones Golf Course was recently dedicated and improvements are happening at fire stations 26 and 27.
When the Renew effort and its companion TSPLOST programs launched, more than $1 billion in infrastructure repairs were identified. The $250-million Renew package and the taxes generated by the TSPLOST funds will NOT total $1 billion. Thus, choices must be made on what to do with the funding currently available, particularly as it relates to anticipated TSPLOST dollars.
In order to receive feedback on the current list of projects under three proposed scenarios, Renew Atlanta will hold two public meetings for NW Atlanta residents. I encourage you to attend these meetings on Thursday, January 24, 6:30-8 p.m. at Sutton Middle School, 2875 Northside Drive and Thursday, February 28, at the same time and place. I hope to see you at one or both of these meetings.