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Security in the Neighborhood
Posted on Sep 30th, 2018

Dear Neighbors,
There has been some chatter on websites like NextDoor Peachtree Battle about several car break ins over the past few weeks in our neighborhood and some over the summer.  We are always in close contact with Officer Jeff Baxter and he assures us that there has not been an uptick in crime in our area despite these incidents.

As your Security Committee, we would like to find a better way to communicate information regarding crime without overwhelming email inboxes.  We are looking into a few options and hope to pass that information along soon.   As a reminder, the bulk of the dues we pay each year goes towards our neighborhood patrol.  Our officers patrol approximately 32 hours per week at different times of the day.  If we feel that additional patrols are needed due to a holiday or rash of car break ins, we will request it.  Officer Baxter provides patrols for several surrounding neighborhoods keeps us informed of relevant events in those neighborhoods.
We have benefited from the addition of cameras along Peachtree Battle as well as license plate readers at the Northside and Peachtree by the Atlanta Police Foundation.  APD has been able to use this data to assist with multiple arrests over the past year.  An example of one of these arrests is included below.
As always, please remember:
Call 911 if you see any suspicious activity and then call the Security Patrol
PLEASE refrain from leaving valuables in your car.  If they keep finding things to steal, they will keep coming back!
Submit questions or concerns to us through the PBA website.  We will respond as quickly as we can.
Thank you,
PBA Security Committee
Most recent arrest information:
Hello all,

I wanted to provide an update In reference to the robbery that took place in the Springlake neighborhood, and the forceable purse snatch in the Publix parking lot Howell Mill Rd@ Collier Rd, both this past Monday morning 9/24. Warrants will be pending for the suspect responsible. 

Neighborhood patrol Officer/Detective Kevin Leonpacher was able to identify a vehicle of interest from the LPR cameras based on the victim from the Publix parking lot license plate description. I then took this information regarding the two incidents 
possible suspect vehicle, and followed up with our APD Robbery Unit and Major Shaw our Zone Two Commander. 

The Robbery unit then flagged the vehicle on the LPR camera system, it was detected by Officers in Zone 4 and stopped. Property from the snatch robbery at Publix was recovered,  and and a positive ID of the suspect was made from the robbery incident in Springlake. APD Robbery Detective David Canup has done a very good job in conducting the Investigation, and putting the case together. 

This is another solid example of APD’s Operation shield/ LPR camera system and APD members working together to fight crime..

Thank you,
Lt. Jeff Baxter