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Jarrett Davis, Former PBA President & Good Neighbor Has Passed Away
Posted on Sep 26th, 2018

Jarrett and his wife Jane lived on both Manor Ridge and Montview and were active and engaged in the Peachtree Battle neighborhood. Jarrett worked in financial services his entire career after graduating from the Westminster School and the University of Georgia. Jarrett and Jane moved full time from Atlanta to Sapphire, North Carolina in recent years.
He was the President of the Alliance during the nineties and most importantly guided the neighborhood through the 1996 Olympics. The neighborhood hosted an Olympic event with the cycling event including several of our streets in its route. The cyclists entered our neighborhood traveling down Northside Drive, turning onto Woodward Way and then Dellwood Drive, going up the hill and then turning onto Peachtree Battle Avenue for the dash down to Peachtree Road.  Jarrett negotiated the arrangements for the event including protecting the interests of neighbors regarding parking, attendees and security.
James Worrell recalls becoming involved in the Alliance through his connection with Jarrett. “I attended a neighborhood meeting where our Council Member was speaking and I asked a simple question about traffic. After the meeting, Jarrett sought me out and talked with me about things I wanted to talk about,” Worrell said. “It is a great attribute to be interested in others and Jarrett had that…..after meeting him I was inspired to become involved in neighborhood activities.”
Jarrett’s obituary can be viewed here.