Recap of 2022 Annual Meeting
Posted on Oct 20th, 2022

PBA Annual Meeting
October 19, 2022
E. Rivers Elementary School
7 p.m.
Susan Clark, PBA President
Mary Norwood – District 8 City Council rep
  • No streets were paved this last year. I have been working hard to get it done and it has been very difficult.
  • Public Safety Peachtree Battle Ave – The Detective who solved the Peachtree Battle case was at Morris Brandon last night with me. Remarks on my Facebook page. Our police tracked them with state and federal help.
  • Buckhead Public Safety is working to establish off duty officers to manage officers in shopping centers etc. More to come.
  • Jail – Tried to get detention center to accept Fulton County Jail beds.
  • Beltline – They chose Bennett Street. All Agreed to work together. GDOT will be building expanded bridge across Peachtree.
  • Trees – I am working on tree ordinance.
  • Mayor’s town hall – please come next Monday night to PRUMC.
  • Bonds were a nightmare. We were defeated.
Nathan Soldat - Atlanta Beltline Senior Community Engagement Manager
  • Showed slides. 25-year build-out. We are about 7 years away from beltline being finished in 2030.
  • We are connecting communities and parks. Connected massive public art program. Affordable Housing Goals. Job Goals. Railroad Corridor Clean-up etc. Lots of Public meetings and engagement. Work we are doing is through lens of equity and inclusion.
Jay Suever – Atlanta Beltline Sr. Project Manager for NW Corridor
  • Showed Maps.
  • We prioritized the Bennett Street Corridor. It will come up behind Peachtree Park apartments. Bennett Street will be operational while we build it out and then we will cross under Peachtree at the CSX. Today on Segments 1, 3 and 5 all of those sections have been surveyed, trees have been tagged. 5 has already moved into 30% design. 1, 3 will be in design soon. 2 and 4 next.
  • There will be a virtual Public Meeting on November 3.
Susan Clark – Watershed Management
  • Pump Station finished.
  • Whitmore finished. One contractor released. Another brought in. Mary Norwood’s office was an advocate.
Cesar Laureano – Construction and Design Mgr., Watershed Management
  • Final paving on Oct. 27, 28. Other small activities for the restoration after that. In two weeks, we will do the striping.
Sonya Halpern – District 39 State Senator and PBA member
  • I am first state senator for district 39 who has lived north of I-20.
  • I am vice chair of city Fulton County delegation and will likely be chair in January.
  • The Less Crime Act got signed into law. Worked with Lt. Governor. Passed the senate unanimously. $75 million per year for next 5 years allocated towards tax credit. You can make donation to police foundation. Can establish co-responder teams. They can use for officer salary supplement. They can use to expand training programs. Can use for purpose of technology and equipment.
  • Received a lot of money for American Rescue Plan.
  • Allocation 100 million towards helping towards violent crime.
  • We had over a 6-billion-dollar surplus. Our rainy-day fund is full.
  • State is working much closer with Atlanta City Council. Mary Norwood put me in touch with a woman who has done a study on loud cars. There are things in the state law that would prevent that from being legal.
  • I am always available.
  • I believe in working across the aisle. District 39 is one of the most socio- economically diverse in the city.
Alex Simmons – Board Chair of Haynes Manor Recital Hall Foundation, PBA Member
  • Repurposing of Original Bobby Jones Clubhouse/Haynes Manor Hall
  • Security – PBA will increase security for building and security home base will be there to provide increased security for neighborhood.
  • Parking will be completely behind the building.
  • Shared slides. 200 seats auditorium. Our acoustician is the same company that redid Geffen Hall in Lincoln Center. 60 seats in main ballroom. Rooms on lower level for educational space for group and individuals.
  • Under Susan’s prompting, the website has gone live.
  • PBA will also be sending out updates.
Catherine Spillman – Executive Director of Atlanta Memorial Park Conservancy
  • AMPC founded in 2011 to improve all of Memorial Park. Raised $75k. Masterplan created in 2014 has been accomplished. 5 board members are members of PBA.
  • Woodward Way Pump station was originally supposed to be a big brown box but we worked to change that and make it much more appealing.
  • Betty Young Park – Woodward and Alton. Want to build a mini pocket park that would be funded by private donations and be FEMA approved.
  • Atlanta Memorial Park kicking off the Cornerstone Project. Conservancy has over 200k money for that and Betty’s Place.
Susan Clark - The Board proposes that the membership elect Kendra Adams to a full term ending in 2024 after already serving one year and Tom Cromartie for a full term ending in 2025 as Board Members. All in Favor of Board. None against.
Susan Clark steps down as PBA president.
Juan Johnson – new PBA co-president (with Kendra Adams)
Thanks to all past presidents, states accomplishments and gives flowers.
Turns over to each committee member.
Chris Carpenter – Traffic Co-Chair
Susan McGonigle Co-Chair.
  • In 2021, Atlanta city council adopted our traffic study as part of the city’s traffic plan. In the spring of this year we submitted our top 5 projects: Restriping of Peachtree Battle cross lanes etc.; Peachtree Battle/Dellwood Roundabout test phase; Westover and West Wesley intersection; Working with Catherine Spillman on pedestrian crossing at Sagamore and Northside Drive.
  • Call 311 if you see a traffic situation. Also contact the PBA traffic committee.
Wendel Greider – Security Chairperson
Capt. Jeff Baxter – Crime Update
  • Zone 2 crime is down 11 percent on a YTD basis.
  • Cover PBA Security Full Spectrum approach.
  • PBA Operation Shield Cameras. 3 new cameras added in last year.
  • Jeff Baxter with APD since 1997. We appreciate Mary Norwood’s efforts very much.
  • A lot of our crime stems from the commercial corridors. In neighborhoods crimes are more car-centric. Over 1,000 guns were stolen in city of Atlanta over the last year.
  • Register your cameras at APD website. That way if a crime takes place on your street a detective can contact you to look at your camera.
  • Thank you for making our salaries competitive. Thank you for the Christmas bonuses.
  • Check our website for security updates.
  • Service we offer checking your houses. During the holidays we have hundreds of houses to check.
Marc Schneideau – Parks
  • Parks took a backseat with COVID. There is a master plan for green spaces.
  • Creation on entrances – Peachtree Battle and Peachtree; Peachtree Battle and Northside; Peachtree Battle and Sagamore.
  • A neighbor is a lead donor for the park at Peachtree Battle and Northside. Hoping to start in next 3-6 months. Permitting with the city. Clearing out invasive species.
  • Improvement along Peachtree Battle Ave. We are proposing to take over maintenance of green space from city. We have volunteers who have gone out and gotten bids for it. Should see activity over next three months and the improvement over next year.
  • We have formed a committee for the FEMA lot.
  • Tri Party agreement for the Music Conservancy grounds.
  • Planning to create a 501c3 organization so people can give towards the green spaces etc.
  • Met with E. Rivers PTA about the house across from the school. They received a grant for a gift to make improvements to exterior.
  • Right now, we can donate to PBA Parks through Atlanta Park Pride. Go to Park Pride and chose Peachtree Battle Parkway and it will help fund our entrances. Need funding for Sagamore entrance. We do have a lead donor for Northside entrance.
Juan - Membership – Renew for 2023
  • $140k is in the bank and we may be raising dues by $50.00. Additional costs due to inflation, security etc. We will be transparent on what we are spending money on. Our peer neighbors are more expensive.
  • Street lights have been installed and PBA was not involved in that.  They were originally part of the Northside project. Contact 311 if light goes out or is flashing.
Bob Caton – Financial
Dana Hudson - Social
  • Thanks committee and sponsors.
  • We had two successful events this year. The adult Spring event had 180 members attend. 150 people attended the fall event behind old clubhouse. Plan to repeat next year. Need more people on committee.  We also really need a financial sponsor.
Meeting Adjourned