PBA Volunteers Gather to Celebrate
Posted on Feb 23rd, 2022

Block Captains Celebrate
With over 500 homeowners, PBA is a large neighborhood. But thanks to the Alliance's Block Captain program, it feels quaint and connected. Years ago, Peachtree Battle Alliance grouped neighbors into blocks averaging 15 homes each, led by a Block Captain. It is wonderful that we have so many of these important volunteers to help welcome new homeowners, connect neighbors and build community. In addition to distributing information from PBA to your doorstep, block captain volunteers are critical to our annual membership drive and the dues revenue that funds PBA. It's no small task and we are grateful to the team of more than 40 volunteers.
To celebrate the success of our 2022 Membership Drive and to reconnect after 2 years of virtual everything, PBA hosted a wine and cheese gathering last month. We are lucky to have amazing support from local sponsors. Hopkins and Co, owners of HF Bottleshop and The Buttery ATL, made generous and delicious donations. Please help us show them our appreciation by shopping with them.
We hope you are well-connected with your block and your block captain. (click here to see the complete list) If you are willing to serve as a Block Captain or volunteer in your block, please let us know. If you have a dog or walk regularly and talk with your neighbors, you are already doing much of the BC work. It's a great way to get involved.