Boy Scouts Clean-up & Beautify Peachtree Battle Median Park
Posted on Jan 3rd, 2022

Any gardener in Atlanta likely has a love/hate relationship with ivy. Although the lure of a glossy, green carpet is favored in some areas, it’s often an aggressive invader that can take over landscapes, trees and garden structures. Enter the Dellwood resident and North Atlanta High School junior, William Blauser and his Boy Scout Troop 67 with the assistance of PBA Parks Chair Marc Schneidau.
Inspired by his love of walking the median and moved to carry out a part of the vision Carson McElheney had for the park, William embarked on his Eagle Scout project to restore the four stone benches and stone circle spot on the median. Equipped with tools and inspiration the troop worked tirelessly to clear the area, restore the benches, install a new stone perimeter and mulch the area. Take a stroll down the median and enjoy the rustle of leaves underfoot and break for a rest to take in the view and appreciate the scout’s hard work. William’s dedication to the park would surely have the approval of Carson McElheney. PBA and all those who enjoy Median Park extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to William and Troop 67!