Sneak Peek of PBA’s Dedicated Patrol Vehicle
Posted on Jan 2nd, 2022

PBA Security Patrol Vehicle
Thanks to a generous vehicle donation from Cingo, a home services company owned by PBA members Lanny and Kate Allgood, the neighborhood will soon have a dedicated patrol vehicle. PBA would also like to recognize Robert and Allison Hennessy for assistance with ongoing operational support.
The dedicated patrol vehicle will be utilized by the patrol officers daily and will include PBA-specific markings and lights to provide a more consistent and visible presence on the street. This additional security asset will be deployed throughout the neighborhood and will be parked in high-profile locations when not in use. The vehicle will further enhance our security efforts and serve as a deterrent to potential criminal activity. We hope to show off the vehicle in person at a future neighborhood event and officer meet and greet.
Peachtree Battle Alliance has a longstanding reputation as one of the safest neighborhoods in Atlanta. Thanks to the generous support of members like you, neighborhood security is enhanced by a dedicated team of off-duty Atlanta Police led by Captain Jeff Baxter with oversight of the PBA Board. The service augments normal Atlanta Police Department activity and includes an average of six hours per day of patrol activity rotating on a 24-hour random basis within the boundaries of PBA. Additional benefits include a security hotline, out-of-town notices, security decals, regular security updates, and security cameras provided by the Atlanta Police Foundation. PBA continues to formulate new and innovative approaches to neighborhood security. Information can always be found on the Security page of the PBA website.