Peachtree Battle Alliance Lights Up
Posted on Nov 29th, 2021

With more than 350 Christmas and Holiday Light Balls ordered, Peachtree Battle Alliance will be well lit this holiday season. Orders are being fulfilled through December 12th, so neighbors will be hanging their globes as soon as possible for all to see. Streets that will be especially festive are Brookdale, Montview, and Manor Ridge, so check them out! Dellwood, Woodward Way, and Westover will also be prime locations to cruise by in the evenings. With almost 60 new households adding light balls to their holiday decor, in addition to those on Brookdale who hung light balls last year, our neighborhood has certainly launched a jolly new tradition.
Compliments and thanks to Max Cook, our local 8th grader who is creating these globes for us. Max has processed orders from PBA and Wildwood for more than 400 light balls this season. His mom, Margaret Cook, is helping to manage the finance and quality control side of his business, while Max works his magic with the wire and light strands. Once orders are complete, Max plans to donate a large share of his proceeds to the Georgia Boys Choir, in which he sings. Kudos to Max for his energy and charitable attitude!