A letter from PBA President Anna Mayeske
Posted on Jun 6th, 2021

Dear PBA Neighbors,
We are about midway through the year and it has been a busy one for all of us as we thankfully move closer and closer to pre-pandemic times. There are many new neighbors and we ask all of you, especially our wonderful block captains, to send in their names and addresses via the website, so our membership team can welcome them with information and a gorgeous orchid from the talented hands of Harriett Kirkpatrick.
Speaking of new neighbors, it is starting to feel like the City’s Department of Watershed has moved in on our south side. PBA leadership is working on your behalf to communicate to the City when things go wrong and to push for the best results possible for our neighborhood. Please read below to find updates on all three ongoing projects.
The PBA lawn party held on May 16th was a great success. Old and new neighbors were actually able to meet and mingle in person! Many thanks to our sponsor, The Terraces at Peachtree Hills Place, and Alex Simmons, our neighbor leading the charge on the renovation of the old Bobby Jones Clubhouse. Architect for the renovation, Allen Post, shared beautiful exterior renderings and stayed throughout the party to answer questions. We look forward to learning more about the renovation in the coming months and when we receive more information, we will let you know of other opportunities to see the plans for the building and to learn more about the project and the timeline.
Our diligent Traffic Committee Chair, Kirk Rankin, has received initial comments back from the City on our traffic study. We will work with TSW to see what we can incorporate in regards to those comments. The final report will then be available to you, and the board will begin the process of pushing for final approval from the City.
Lastly, my term will end in November, and Susan Clark will take the helm. We will be looking for more of you to join our board. The most rewarding part of my time serving PBA has been meeting and becoming friends with some of our most senior residents. I am sure most of you know that many of them have been living in Haynes Manor their entire lives. The stories they tell and the knowledge they love to share is invaluable to me. So if you are new to the area, I invite you to learn who they are, introduce yourselves, check in with them over the phone, and know that seeing your kids walking by or playing in their yards brings them such joy.
If you are interested in becoming a part of a committee or want to submit your name as a nominee to the board, please email me directly, I would love to talk to you.
Anna Mayeske