Reporting Crime & Social Media
Posted on Feb 2nd, 2021

With many of us now using various apps and social media to track 911 calls and crimes in and around our neighborhood, we would like you to keep a few things in mind. 
First, our patrol communicates with us on reported incidents (involving APD crime reports or resident reports to the PBA Patrol) that have occurred in PBA.  Our subsequent reporting to membership is not always as immediate as an Instagram or Facebook post, as we take time to verify each incident.
So keep in mind that if you call 911 about something, such as hearing shots fired, and no police report is generated and no call has been made to PBA Patrol, our patrol may not be aware of the incident.
Therefore, it is very important that if you see or hear something, you call 911 first. 
If a crime report is NOT generated with the police - still TELL OUR PATROL about it.  Leave a message for them on the 770 phone number or use our quick and easy Incident Report Form on the website.
And if an incident is occurring, call 911 FIRST and then call the 404 patrol number immediately after - there may be an officer on patrol in our area to assist you more immediately.
Lastly, 2021 members should have received a “Don’t Be A Crime Magnet” magnet in your 2021 membership packet.  While the sentiment is a bit lighthearted and funny, please take it seriously - our crime in PBA is mostly car related.  Continue to keep your cars clean of valuables and please be careful when you are outside, especially after dark.  The magnet contains the security phone numbers as well.  Put it somewhere you can quickly access it when needed and store the numbers in your phone.  The numbers are always available to members by logging into the site and going to the "Security" tab.
You can also find our security alerts under "Security Quick Links" on the homepage.