2020 Annual Meeting Recap
Posted on Nov 13th, 2020

2020 PBA Annual Meeting
Held Virtually on November 11, 2020 at 7:00 pm
7:00 pm  Zoom Meeting begins, Quorum met
7:02 pm  Anna Mayeske, President, opens meeting
Catherine Spillman, Executive Director of the Atlanta Memorial Park Conservancy (AMPC), discusses the Betty Young park, planned for the FEMA lot at Alton and Woodward Way (473 Woodward Way), in memory of Betty Young, given by her children.  The Young family lived across the street from the soon-to-be park on Alton.  Visuals of the plans presented.  Discussion of next steps forward.  PBA thanks the Young Family for such an amazing gift to our neighborhood!  
Catherine Spillman and Alex Simmons (neighbor and head of the effort to change the old Bobby Jones Clubhouse into a recital hall) discuss the plans for the recital hall and presented a "teaser" of the front facade, which remains "unchanged" but "spruced up", more to come in the next month or two, plans are moving along!  It will be an amazing amenity for the neighborhood.
PLEASE JOIN & DONATE TO AMPC HERE: https://atlmemorialpark.org/donations/ 
J.P. Matzigkeit,  our District 8 City Council Member, discusses what he has been working on including the new ordinance on street racing, the "Buckhead Blue" initiative for more off-duty security patrols in commercial corridors of Buckhead, legislation to curb street racing - if arrested you will spend some time in jail and have to see a judge.  JP has hired an off-duty patrol officer for our district on the weekends, to try to keep the street racing OUT of our neighborhoods.  His offering of $5,000 towards a security camera for every neighborhood in the district that requests it - PBA has already made the request for our neighborhood and once approved, PBA will work with the Atlanta Police Foundation to place the camera in our neighborhood.  He is working on infrastructure, particularly the state of our roadways.  Reports on his efforts and new legislation passed regarding "party houses" as well as introduced legislation on short term rentals, more to come in the coming months.  We should be hearing more on the long awaited Tree Ordinance in the coming months.
Captain Jeff Baxter, from Atlanta Police Dept. (APD) and head of our own security patrol, discusses his new role since his PROMOTION (!) to Captain.  He is helping to oversee the VIC system of all of the cameras in Atlanta which tie in together and are monitored by APD and used to track crimes.  Captain Baxter was extremely grateful for the support our neighborhood has shown him and our patrol officers, as this year has been particularly hard for our police force.  They love hearing from us and our words of encouragement, keep it coming.  Captain Baxter thanked us on behalf of his patrol officers for the mid year bonuses from residents of PBA.  It meant so much to all of them!  THANK YOU.
Captain Baxter said that the crimes we face vs. the crimes occurring in our commercial areas (PB Shopping Center, the Chevron and the like) are not the same type.  The crimes we see within Peachtree Battle neighborhood are AUTO RELATED CRIMES.  Theft from cars. Car thefts.  PLEASE keep your cars CLEAN.  The rise in more violent crimes are outside of our neighborhood and in the more commercial areas of Buckhead.  
  • Over 900 guns stolen from cars in Atlanta this year.  So those guns are going directly into the hands of criminals, to commit more crimes, which have included shootings, homicides, etc.
  • Everyone please invest in a video system for your house so that you can share this information with us and we can be on the lookout and share with our Zone 2 investigators.
  • Get more neighborhood security cameras.
  • Use the service for out of town checks of your home.
  • Meet our patrol Officers!

Kate Allgood, Membership Chair, reports that over 70 volunteers of PBA, including board members, residents who serve on our committees, and block captains, are working hard to increase our membership numbers and create community within our large neighborhood.  Kate reviews the benefits of a PBA membership.  Please use the website regularly to see News and Events and to access the member directory.  Check out the link from the Membership tab to find your block captain if you do not know who it is.  Take a look at your block and encourage your neighbors to join us.  If they join for 2021 now, they can use our security patrol for 2020 holidays! We do have a new neighbor initiative that has been reinstated, and we will welcome new neighbors with gifts, so please let us know when you have a new neighbor.  Please renew NOW!  Kate shows us how to do that, please login and check out "Your Membership Summary".  If there is NO link that says "Click to Renew" then the other adult in your household is the person designated to renew on your account.  Having any trouble, feel free to Contact Us!
Anna Mayeske & Wendel Greider, Security Chair, report on security initiatives, goals for 2021 and introduce and explain that dues will be $350 starting now, for 2021 with a presentation that included the following information:
- A review of the Security Survey from earlier in the year, where over 80% of the 300 respondents wanted to see some increase in our patrols
- With that information, Anna and Wendel have been researching the best ways to increase our security presence in PBA and have come up with the following goals for the future of our security:
  • Have additional funds on hand from the increase in dues to provide more patrols on an "as needed" basis
  • Work towards buying and maintaining a security car for a bigger visual impact and deterrent for would-be criminals
  • Increase the amount of security cameras in our neighborhood, starting with what has been described to us as our biggest area of need, the south side of our neighborhood, the area of Woodward Way and the PATH trail.
Please review the video link above to see the full presentation, which you can fast forward and start at 34:50  
Have an idea on how to help fund the car?
Please email Wendel at wgreider@gmail.com.
- Anna discusses things we can all do to help prevent crime in PBA, from installing our own security cameras, locking mailboxes, talking to our neighbors, being vigilant and keeping our cars clean.
- Question: Regarding the cameras we already have, are they all operating?  Jim Elgar from JP's office reported that YES, all Zone 2 cameras are up and running, none are broken, etc.
Kirk Rankin, Traffic Chair, reports on the progress of the Northside Drive projects, a summary of which can be found in the latest GDOT press release.
Kirk walks through where we stand with the traffic study PBA has invested in with TSW.  It is very important that we all complete the surveys, not just the surveys for your own street, please complete ALL surveys.  We have extended the date to complete the surveys to November 15, 2020.  Click here to take them!
- Question: When the bridge opens for traffic in December, can we use the pedestrian bridge too?   No, the pump station work will continue and we can only expect to start using the pedestrian bridge at the completion of ALL projects, which will hopefully be late summer 2021.
Elizabeth Hale & Marc Schneidau, Parks Co-Chairs:
Elizabeth reports on the two cleanups that occurred at the Alton FEMA lot / soon to be Betty Young Park.  Please expect more cleanups!  Email Elizabeth if you are interested: elizmhale@gmail.com.  Entrance projects are on hold due to 2020 circumstances.  
Marc reports on maintenance of our parks, a portion of your dues goes to help on maintenance of our public spaces in the neighborhood.  2021 initiative will be more focused on beautification- limbing up and pruning trees, adding pine straw...etc.  The dues increase will allow for additional funds for these efforts.
- Question about trash pickups at Havenridge?  Please use 311 to report and request a pick up if you see trash overflow.  We are working with AMPC to invest in an additional trashcan in the area.
- Question, does PBA have input on future tree placements around the recital hall?  Yes.  We have a triparty agreement established already between PBA, Memorial Park and the recital hall to work on the plans together for the surrounding park space.  The goal is for the area to remain a passive park space.

We have a staggered board of 20 directors. 
For those whose first term expires tonight and have been nominated to serve another 3 year term we have Justin Amick
Kirk Rankin and Gerry Woodruff.
Wendel Greider filled an unexpired term in 2018 and has been nominated to serve his first, full term.
We have three board members who will not continue with a second term- Susan Hamilton, Parker Blanchard and Mary Kelly Speed.  We thank them for their time contributing to PBA efforts over the past few years.  Marian NeSmith is also stepping down from the PBA board after 1 year of service and we thank Marian for her contributions to PBA.
To fill (3) new first terms, your board has nominated Amy Githens of Woodward Way; Suzanne Jones of Brookdale; and Nory LeBrun of One Peachtree Battle.
All of the above nominations were voted on and approved.
Our maximum number of directors as stated in our bylaws is 25.  Therefore we have room for 2 additional board members after tonight.  If you are interested in serving your neighborhood, please email Anna Mayeske at annamayeske@gmail.com.

Our treasurer, Bob Caton, provides us with a visual showing that PBA finances as they stand today are sound, to see the visual please click the link for the video at the top of this page and fast forward to 1:18:06.