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PBA Communications Information
Posted on Feb 5th, 2018

Pet Notices - Lost & Found
PBA would like to help spread the word when our furry friends are missing or when a kind neighbor takes in a lost pet.  Please use the Contact Us form which can be found on the PBA home page to alert us.  We will immediately contact you and post the information to the PBA Facebook page as well as to the PBA Nextdoor site.  We encourage you to join our Facebook page.  It is not for conversation.  It is for neighborhood alerts, PBA invitations, PBA news, and Pet Notices.  We post pet notices to PBA Nextdoor because it receives good viewership and is a forum for conversation.
Did you know? - Easily Find PBA Babysitters & Pet Sitters
The PBA website has a wonderful feature: a page containing a list of babysitters and pet sitters.  It is located right under the "Membership" tab of the website, but you must be logged in to view it, as it is for members only.  Is someone in your household interested in babysitting, house sitting or pet sitting?  Please submit your information to be featured on the page.  PBA members in need of trustworthy help - please reach out to our neighborhood sitters!
PBA Welcomes New Neighbors & You Can Help Us
When you have or hear about a new neighbor, PBA wants to welcome them.  We provide them with information on the Alliance and a gift from neighbor owned business, Charles Willis.  Use this form, located on our website, to let us know.  What better way to make someone feel welcome and part of our community?