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Membership Dues
Posted on Jan 29th, 2018

Help Us Keep Our Dues Low
At $265 per year, the Alliance is a bargain. Take our neighborhood patrol, for instance.  Compared to neighborhoods without patrols, we have less crime.  Our park maintenance and zoning programs have helped keep our neighborhood one of the most desirable in the City.  And that says nothing about our social events (which make us not just a neighborhood, but also a community) or our traffic program (which is responsible for the turn lanes at both ends of Peachtree Battle).  
You may be thinking that $265 is a lot.  But our dues are lower than most of the nearby neighborhood associations that provide off-duty police patrols.  For example, Peachtree Heights West (Habersham to West Paces to Peachtree to Peachtree Battle to Habersham) charges $350 for houses and $285 for townhouses.  Habersham Park Association (roughly West Wesley to Arden to West Paces to Habersham to West Wesley) charges $300 per year.  Brookwood Hills charges $410 for basic membership (park access and security patrol), but the annual charge jumps to $1,200 when you throw in the pool and tennis, and that’s on top of a $7,500 initiation.
We are fighting to keep our dues at $265, but it’s a challenge because the benefits of our great work accrue to nonmembers and members alike.  We’re on the honor system.  We know the vast majority of our neighbors aren’t seeking a free ride.  If we are to keep our low fee and our service high, we must spread the Alliance’s costs over a greater membership base. 

So I am asking you to help us keep membership in the Peachtree Battle Alliance the best value in Buckhead- spread the word members!

A personal touch will make all the difference.  So please help us help you.
Sadler Poe, President