Filming in Peachtree Battle Alliance

For many reasons, Georgia and Atlanta have become popular filming locations for productions from commercials and videos to TV shows and feature films. There are benefits to both homeowners and our neighborhood, and PBA seeks to support, guide and educate residents and producers about filming in our unique and historic neighborhood. As your PBA Board considers development of a Filming Committee to support these activities, we encourage your ideas and questions. If you are a PBA resident with feedback or are a production company looking to film in the area, please contact us.
The Office of Entertainment is the official film office for the City of Atlanta. It is a resource for neighborhoods and seeks to promote and facilitate filming in the City of Atlanta. The office is committed to minimizing disruption in neighborhoods, communities and businesses. The office provides information about current or scheduled filming and works to resolve issues that may arise during production and will:
  • Operate a 24-hour hotline to respond to concerns
  • Make sure neighborhoods and businesses receive advance notification of filming
  • Remind filmmakers of their obligations to you and your neighborhood by distributing a “Good Neighbor” policy with every permit.

Productions & Applications
On July 20 – 21st, 2021 Paramount Worldwide Productions Inc. will be filming for the Feature Film “Senior Year” on 2611 Dellwood Drive NE, Atlanta GA 30305.
"To accommodate the Production, we have requested a permit from the City of Atlanta for the following Parking Lane Closures & Full Street Closure:
  • East Curb Lane Closure of Dellwood Drive NW: B/T Red Valley Rd NW and W Wesley Rd NW from 7:00AM – 9:00pm on 7/19-7/22
  • Thru Traffic Closure of Dellwood Drive NW: From Red Valley Rd NW to Manor Ridge Drive NW from 7:00am – 9:00pm on 7/20 – 7/21
  • Southbound Lane Closure of Red Valley Rd NW: from Dellwood Drive NW to the cul-de-sac NW from 7:00am – 9:00pm on 7/20 – 7/21
The requested Travel Lane Closure will be used for parking work trucks and generator placement. The Full Street Closure will be used for the safety of crew while working on the street and sidewalk.
During the production dates mentioned above, residents will always have access to their homes. Police Officers will be on site to ensure safety and that traffic flows smoothly."

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