Early Voting Starts October 12th!
Northside Branch voting hours are 9am - 6pm from 10/12 - 10/25
Do You Want To See Change in Atlanta? 
How can we expect anything to change when the majority of us don't vote, in our local elections?
In the 2017 election, there were 29,210 registered voters in District 8, yet according to stats from Councilmember J.P. Matzigkeit, fewer than 11,400, or 39%, cast a ballot for mayor.
The numbers were even lower for our own District 8 city council race, at 8,491 votes or 29% of eligible voters.  PBA works frequently with our District 8 council member's office to advocate on our behalf with the City.
Voting Facts for the November 2, 2021 Elections:
  • There will be several HIGH STAKES ELECTIONS on NOV 2, including MAYORAL and CITY COUNCIL AT-LARGE positions as well as important APS ELECTIONS, which will impact us right here in the coming years, regardless of cityhood.
  • If you are concerned about PUBLIC SAFETY right now, the important first step YOU CAN TAKE is to VOTE 11/2/21
  • MARY NORWOOD has already secured our District 8 council member seat as she is running unopposed. Congrats Mary! So please learn what you can about the other elections NOW and VOTE.
  • A complete VOTER INFORMATION GUIDE can be found HERE or use the helpful links on this page.
  • Let's MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD THIS YEAR!  What better way to see more immediate change?