Annual CourtWatch Training
Saturday, April 27th, 10:00 am - 12:30 pm
The Annual CourtWatch Training (see link below) is on April 27th, from 10-12:30pm. There will be free food, prizes and more! It is open to all communities. Here is the link for more information: 
Many constituents ask what they can do to support existing programs that help reduce crime.  One opportunity is the CourtWatch Program, led by Krystal Lunsford...
The CourtWatch program provides citizens with an understanding of the Fulton County Criminal Justice System. CourtWatch encourages the community to actively participate in the judicial process by attending and (possibly) providing a Community Impact Statement during criminal court proceedings.  Other functions of the program includes:
Providing the community with information about criminal offenses that happen in their communities specifically targeting repeat offenders;
Escorting citizens to the courtroom and answering questions about the court proceedings and process;
Helping Citizens address the courts through written or oral Community Impact Statements to the Judges based on neighborhood concerns;
Informing citizens about the court system through community education; and
Working in conjunction with the Community Prosecutors to provide case updates during citizen neighborhood meetings.
Krystal can email notices on crime that is occurring in your neighborhood, including upcoming court dates.  HERE is a notice she sent recently for Zone 2.
PBA Spring Cocktail Party
Friday, May 10th, 6-8 pm
Check your inbox for the link to RSVP members!  We have amazing sponsors for our annual cocktail party, see below!