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Neighborhood Halloween Block Party

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10/31/2019 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Montview between Whitmore & Woodward Way
  • PBA Halloween
    - Registration Cost: $25.00
    Entrance to the party is on Montview at Whitmore.
    Online registration is open until 10/29.

    If you have more than 7 guests, you will need to do multiple registrations for your party.
There will be a costume contest with secret judges roaming the party...
If you are a neighbor and plan to stop by and visit with friends and see the festivities, just come!  No registration necessary, but a small donation at the check in desk would help us to cover the expense of the party this year.
Want to volunteer to help us with the party?  Please check out our signup genius!


The following people have already registered for this event.

Name Registration Type
Bicksler, Leslie PBA Halloween
Billings, Nancy PBA Halloween
Blanchard, Parker PBA Halloween
Buckley, Robert PBA Halloween
Burch, Samuel PBA Halloween
Clark, Susan and Todd PBA Halloween
Cook, Blanton PBA Halloween
Daws, Meg PBA Halloween
DeMichina, Narra PBA Halloween
Duralde, Beth & Rod PBA Halloween