October 1, 2018
Update from PBA President
GDOT now says that construction of the bridge and the resulting closure of Northside will start in the summer of 2020.  The latest communication from GDOT says the bridge will be constructed on a 24/7 basis, and there is no longer a contingency for their being able to find a contractor that will do the work within their budget.
PBA has been working with AMPC and four other affected civic associations on some remaining details.  For example, we have all requested that GDOT install some sort of railing between the traffic and the sidewalk on the bridge.  We have also asked that construction start after Memorial Day in 2020 so that the closure/detours will not begin until after the end of the school year.
To maximize our chances of success, we have enlisted the aid of State Senators Jen Jordan and Nikema Williams and Representative Beth Beskin.  Senators Jordan and Williams are working with Stacey Key, the GDOT commissioner who represents our district.  Representative Beskin is working directly with GDOT staff.  We are very grateful to all three for their assistance.  Who says bipartisanship is dead!  If you see them, please let them know how much you appreciate their efforts on our behalf.

June 7, 2018 
DWM, GDOT & PATH Open House Notes from AMPC
Thanks to the cooperation from GDOT and savings on the Woodward Way trail, the PATH Foundation and AMPC are moving forward with their goal to provide a pedestrian underpass under the new Northside Drive bridge.
GDOT shared that a barrier between the roadway and 5’5” sidewalk on the new Northside Drive bridge was not going to be possible while keeping the bridge on budget and on schedule.  Attendees at the meeting asked GDOT to look into adding a higher curb and hand rail in lieu of a barrier but GDOT stated the hand rail would not be part of this project for the reasons of adding a false sense of security and additional maintenance. AMPC will continue discussions with GDOT on how to provide a separation between vehicles and pedestrians on the vehicular bridge.
GDOT clarified that the sidewalk on the west side of the vehicular bridge will be connected to the future Memorial Park sidewalk.
The pedestrian bridge construction is estimated to commence in Q1 of 2019, with the vehicular bridge construction to commence in 2020. 24/7 work has been approved during the road closure portion of the reconstruction which will bring the duration of the road closure down to 3 months (90 days).
DWM is commencing work on several projects in the park, including the $36M Peachtree Creek Trunk Stabilization Project and the $8.6M Howell Mill and Oldfield Outfalls Project (to remove the sewer pipes crossing Peachtree Creek). To view DWM's slide presentation from June 7, 2018, click here

March 13, 2018 
GDOT Open House Notes & Imagery Presented
Deadline for commenting is March 28, 2018
Go HERE and select Fulton County, then select "SR3/NorthsideDrBridgeReplacementOverPeachtreeCreek" from the drop down (it is closer to the bottom of the list) and click GO to comment
There is a "1000 character limit" to comments
Print out this comment card and mail it, instructions are on the card
Documents given to attendees:
According to a GDOT official, about 225 people attended the open house.  Over 72 written comments were received and about 10 given to the court reporter.
GDOT may be able to reduce the time of closure to 90 days or less if work proceeds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Approval to do this is based on 1) consent from the City and 2) GDOT being able to secure a 24/7 contract that is within budget.  PBA is doing everything possible to help facilitate this effort.  When you send in your comments, we encourage you to tell GDOT you want to fast track the project.
GDOT is aware of the concern over the lack of barrier/protection for pedestrian traffic on the west side, 5' sidewalk on the bridge - feel free to mention this concern in your comments.
GDOT is reviewing all comments received.
Presentation Images: