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Peachtree Battle Block Party & Parade Benefiting CHOA

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10/31/2017 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Montview between Whitmore & Woodward Way
PBA Halloween
Registration Cost: $30.00
The "Registration Cost" is the cost per family. If you have additional friends who are attending, please complete a separate registration for them. You can use your same email address to do the separate registration. Thank you!
("Additional Guests" should be the number of people from your family, in addition to yourself)

If you have any trouble registering, email us at

All neighbors are invited
We will take registrations at the door as well


The following people have already registered for this event.

Name Registration Type
Adams, Tim PBA Halloween
Bicksler, Leslie PBA Halloween
Billings, Nancy PBA Halloween
Blanchard, McKenzie PBA Halloween
Buckley, Robert PBA Halloween
Burch, Samuel PBA Halloween
Carmichael, Ron PBA Halloween
Caton, Forrest and Bob PBA Halloween
Childers, Molly PBA Halloween
Clark, Susan and Todd PBA Halloween